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Libra Full Moon 4.17.2011 April 15, 2011

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Spring in Chester Creek

We will be experiencing a complex, dynamic explosion of multiple cosmic energies during the Full Moon of Libra on Sunday, April 17th, 2011.

Our Sun (radiant yang energy) is at 27*44 independent, fiery Aries exactly 180 degrees opposite the Moon (receptive yin energy) at 27*44 compromising, airy Libra, 9:45 pm, CDT. This focus on the opposition of two signs (electromagnetic fields) is nothing new…every full moon plays out this balancing dance. The current issues are emphasized as we skillfully integrate this polarity within our physical world & our psychological natures. Due to this being a Supermoon (moon closer to Earth than normal) we are immersed in an unusual electrical increase of Earth’s magnetic field. The Full Moon is the fifth of eight lunation phases comprising the monthly moon cycle; it represents the peak of light & total illumination of the vision…the symbolic seed flowers.

Diplomatic, considerate Libra represents the “We” & passionate, daring Aries symbolizes the “Me”. …Humans have another prime opportunity to cooperatively create peace, beauty, balance & harmony in any dimension of life…small scale or large. Blend the partnership-oriented qualities of mediating, relating & sharing with the inspiration, courage & spunk to initiate new beginnings, no matter how old or new the relationships. Don’t let procrastination or indecision stop you. Don’t let impatience, selfishness or anger ruin your good intentions. Confrontations are bound to happen. Focus on what you want to create.

Rushing Forth Exuberantly

The challenging aspects of this Full Moon... Similiar to the last New Moon on April 3rd, which had 6 Aries planets, we now have 5 planets in Aries, so perhaps you’re getting used to the accelerated busy energy, right ?!? …Sun at 27*, Jupiter at 19*, Mercury at 14* (still retrograde through April 23rd), boisterous Mars at 12* (in his own home-sign), and we can’t forget URANUS at 2* Aries! Yikes! I am grounding myself by meditating, dancing, cleaning out my garden & doing yard work, going for walks & breathing the fresh air deeply.

There are 3 stressful aspects to heavy-duty, complex, cathartic Pluto on April 17th, although they last for different durations. The fastest-moving one is from vibrant, assertive/aggressive, self-oriented Mars which is still squaring regenerative Pluto, planet of destruction, death, rebirth & renewal. (A square is a mathematical aspect that produces stress & dynamic tension between two planets.) Slower-moving, restrictive, status-quo Saturn is also widely squaring intense Pluto, god of the underworld, including our subconscious. More cleansing, purging & revitalizing on many levels. This particular square was strongly functioning 3 times in 2009-2010, breaking down many structures that had become stagnant in order to transform them.

Also energetic, pioneering, individualistic Mars at 12* Aries is exactly opposing concentrated, organized, disciplined & at times fearful Saturn at 12*Libra..another factor weighing in on this Full Moon. Mars says”Go”…urging us to move forward, Saturn says “Stop” …advocating caution. Choose some area, idea, project or new adventure to focus your energy upon. Impulsive Mars needs ACTION! And immediately.

Once again, we can’t forget the slow on-coming Uranus square to Pluto (which will be exact in 2012) that adds to the current craziness. With our rebel planet Uranus at 2* Aries & Pluto at 7* Capricorn this is a wide square…not as potent as the 7 exact squares between them that will be happening from 2012 through 2015. The energy it now activates is felt & evident as tensions are building throughout 2011. Earth feels it, we feel it…it is part of our evolutionary growth process. We are moving on…evolving.

The transmitter & receptor of information, Mercury at 13* Aries, is turning Direct (forward movement ) on April 23rd. This possibly indicates more ease and flow with communications, data & mobility. Some of our frustrations & problems in these areas may be less complicated.

Onward with our mission! “we are boldly going where no man has gone before” fellow humans…enjoy the trip!

A New Season

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