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Scorpio Full Moon 5.17.2011 May 15, 2011

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Taurian Moss

Everyone has all the planets & all the signs somewhere in their birthchart. Whether you know your chart or not, you’ll feel where this Full Moon energy plays out in your life.

A Full Moon particularly in mysterious, complex, cathartic Scorpio is a very intense, powerful expression of the lunar cycle. We will experience our Sun at 26*13 resourceful, practical Taurus exactly opposite the Moon at 26*13 passionate Scorpio early on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011, at 6:10 am CDT; a couple days before it will be building up potency. Both signs are fixed, which translates into persistent determination & skill at stabilizing security and/or stubbornness & resistance to change. Taurus is a very physical, sensual earth sign…Scorpio is a deeply emotional, responsive water sign.

The grounded, realistic Taurus Sun (conscious self) creates a polarity with the regenerating Scorpio Moon (the unconscious) which asks for integration of the two opposing energies in order to be balanced. Both can be very jealous & possessive at times. Control issues & power struggles may develop, even within parts of yourself…make wise choices. Being able to let go is a crucial part of the growth process.

Heavy-duty, extremist Pluto is the planetary transmitter associated with the transforming Scorpionic factors of birth, destruction, death & rebirth, healing & metamorphic revitalization. Hard Pluto transits can feel like you’re in a pressure cooker… but remember, Pluto will not destroy anything that has not grown toxic or perhaps is ready for rebirth in another form. It operates on every level from cellular to spiritual.

Social Venus, goddess of love & beauty, is very comfy in its home sign of patient, artistic Taurus. Communing with nature & connecting to Mother Earth are highly valued. During this Full Moon, Mars (action), Mercury (communication), & Venus are all conjunct (close together) in the early degrees of Taurus making a trine (harmonious) aspect to Pluto. You can choose to use the tremendous reservoir of energy & creativity that is at your disposal now to create something tangible; a garden, a song, a healthier body, a painting, even if its a wall, etc. I seem to have a strong urge to sew a piece of clothing (for the 1st time in 30 years)!

The Sun moves into busy Gemini on May 21st, which changes the focus from the stability & constancy of sensible Taurus to the mentally-oriented, curious, versatile, flexible, social & dualistic electromagnetic field of this inquisitive, mutable air sign…a whole different energy! Planet Mercury is associated with alert, articulate Gemini and communication is the name of the game. Just be sure to find the time to relax & get quiet. Adios Amigos!

Peacefully Stable

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