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Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse 6.1.2011 May 27, 2011

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Mutable Air

Everyone has all the signs & planets somewhere in their birthchart which means a part of your life will be inundated with the energies discussed below.

The Gemini New Moon/partial Solar Eclipse takes place on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011, 4:30 pm, CDT. As a time of new beginnings, fresh starts or an emergence of a new cycle, the Sun  (center of being, identity, conscious self) and Moon (emotions, instincts, the unconscious self) are both sitting together at 11* alert, communicative Gemini.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse is the time/space when Moon (representing the past) is directly in-between Earth (current) & Sun (the future) and temporarily blocks the Sun’s light, thus involving a process of transformation showing where personal change is likely & necessary; it acts like a cosmic regulator that helps us to maintain balance as we deal with some emotional issue of the past before we can proceed clearly onward; another prime opportunity to continue creating as we go… with every word, thought & deed. Versatile, sociable Gemini has the potential to do this in a verbal, intelligent, logical, clever & rational manner…but its never easy for the sign of the Twins to confront & reveal emotions.

Gemini Clouds

Is There an Alien Visitation Craft up There?

During this eclipse we are experiencing an increase in the diverse, changeable Gemini vibrations as the magnified frequencies enter through a doorway-like opening from our Galactic Center & beyond. The more sensitive among us can probably feel the cosmic energies pulsating around & through our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual Being. This is palpable universal energy we are talking about…the real stuff!

The fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods, androgynous Mercury, wearing the winged helmet, is associated with the electromagnetic field of dualistic Gemini. Curious, witty, fluent, articulate, communicative energy abounds! The nervous system is related to Mercury (as well as Uranus) & also indicates a restless, high-strung, impatient manner that can switch gears quickly. The dual nature refers to the closeness/freedom syndrome of Gemini which can pull back to feel free just when things get too close.

Fresh Air

The disciplinarian Saturn is making a flowing, harmonious aspect to Sun & Moon at this time which will aid in choosing responsibility, maturity, patience & even humor in your interactions.

Compassionate, imaginative, psychic Neptune (spiritual or escapist urge) turns retrograde June 3rd at 1* (degree) Pisces…it will be backtracking into the end of Aquarius in August through Nov. when it goes Direct at 28* Aquarius.

Enduring, persistent, structured Saturn (the status quo world) turns Direct on June 12th at 10* Libra & starts moving forward again. The energies of planets seem to be very pronounced for a few days around these direction changes.

There are two more eclipses on the horizon: a Sagittarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on June 15th, and another New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 1st. Opportunities for more evolutionary growth…yes, we signed up for this! Life  seems fast & furious…be careful not to burn out…get plenty of rest. No doubt our mental attitude & emotional vibratory state can determine our experience in these powerful times.

Be grateful…resistance is futile!

Bringing Change

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