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Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 6.15.2011 June 13, 2011

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As Above So Below

Everyone has all the signs & planets in their birthchart, but remember astrology only correlates to reality; it does not cause it.

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 3:14pm CDT: We experience a dynamic Sagittarius Full Moon which is also a total Lunar Eclipse. The receptive Moon (the unconscious) at 24*degrees optimistic, freedom-loving Sagittarius is exactly opposite the vitalizing Sun (the conscious self) at 24* adaptable, expressive Gemini. This is the 2nd eclipse of 3 eclipses in a row otherwise known as three cosmic doorways, one after another, opening up opportunities for amazing, accelerated growth of our Human Spirit. In every present moment we have the gift of Being. Yahoo!! (pre-computer language) Good thing I garden..get to ground myself with pansies, begonias & petunias!

Each Full Moon represents the flower phase of the eight-fold monthly Moon cycle. This illuminating period represents a polarity between two opposing energy fields; in this case, expansive Sagittarius & rational Gemini. The ideal is to skillfully balance the differing qualities and somehow bring them into a creative unified focus. A Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs when Earth, exactly in-between Sun & Moon, blocks the light & creates a shadow on our view of the Lunar surface; thus influencing our instinctive emotional patterns, security needs, nurturing & trust issues, sensitivity & responsiveness. What will we directly or indirectly project onto our external reality? Wherever you have late (degree-wise) Sag or Gemini emphasized in your chart you definitely will be going through something. It affects me personally & I will breathe, be open & be present with love. Hopefully I can create some space for myself too.

Thank You Mother Earth

Giant Old Tree

Enthusiastic, adventurous Sagittarius, an action-oriented & inspirationally motivated fire sign is associated with the largest planet Jupiter. The open-minded Sag relates to the abstract areas of philosophical, religious, metaphysical, idealistic, visionary, truth-seeking realms constructing our belief systems….these could be changing!

Sociable Air sign Gemini Sun is also conjunct (right next to each other) its ruling planet communicative Mercury which strengthens the inquisitive, alert, knowledgeable, verbal, articulate, versatile & changeable nature. Speaking your mind may require patience & thoughtfulness now. Our over- taxed nervous systems need tender, loving care as we deal with the acceleration & increase in cosmic frequencies.

The infamous square involving sudden-change Uranus & transforming Pluto is getting tighter although it takes another year ( June 24th, 2012) before Uranus at 8*24 Aries is exactly square Pluto at 8*24 Capricorn. More info coming later.

Summer Solstice June 21st 12:17pm CDT: first day of Summer when the Sun moves into the first degree of electromagnetic sign receptive, sensitive & protective Cancer.

***The nodes (South Node, North Node) of the Moon are predominately placed during this Eclipse, but although relevant, for simplicity’s sake, I did not discuss…. however they certainly indicate an important evolutionary moment in time/space. UNTIL NEXT TIME……

Thor's Stomping Grounds

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