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Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse 7.1.2011 June 27, 2011

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Emotions Flow

Friday, July 1st, 2011, 3:55am, CDT: Here we go again! The 3rd Eclipse in a row & it packs a tremendous amount of energy…yes, the electromagnetic frequencies are accelerating even more; our nervous systems will attest to that. During this Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse we experience both Sun & Moon, the Yang & Yin, sitting together at 9*12 Cancer. Planets Pluto, Uranus & Saturn, all in cardinal (energy that initiates action) signs, are challenging this New Moon creating internal conflict, drive, tension, potentially producing dynamic action with accomplishment….more info below.

What does the cardinal water sign Cancer signify? First of all, the Moon is the natural energy transmitter that is associated with (or rules in traditional terms) the 30 degree cosmic field of Cancer, so the emotional power described here is extremely potent…we are talking about sensitive, nurturing, protective, caring, sympathetic, vulnerable & tenacious qualities…growth & fertility. It is a feminine Yin sign, which means receptive, intuitive & right-brain oriented…very psychic. Everyone has Cancer somewhere in their birthchartno one is excused from this Solar Eclipse!  Watch for hypersensitivity, moodiness, insecurity lapses, defensiveness & possible bouts of crabbiness.

The instinctive Moon, which changes sign every 2 1/2 days, depicts our instant reaction behavior, based on emotions, feelings..how we respond without thinking, our needs, security issues, habits, routines…our deepest patterns surrounding our psychological foundations. Home base (wherever) & family (whoever) are now emphasized. (the USA was birthed with the Sun in Cancer…July 4th)

In case you didn’t read my previous two blogs about eclipses, I will repeat; a Solar Eclipse occurs during a New Moon when the Moon (representing the past) is exactly in-between the Sun (future) & Earth (the present); in this case at 9* Cancer. It is often termed a doorway, as it is a transitional time  where we are finishing up, cleaning, losing, ridding self of past matters in order to more freely embrace the future. This represents the end of one set of circumstances & the beginning of another….a potential cosmic upgrade of frequency & consciousness.

Healing Waters

The universe is setting the stage for mucho action at this major crossroad of time/space.  Structured, concentrated, restrictive Saturn at 10* Libra… liberating, reforming, unconventional Uranus at 4* Aries… & purging, regenerating, transformational Pluto at 6* Capricorn, are all tensely aspecting not only the Sun/Moon but also each other..its called a cardinal grand cross in astro language. No doubt it will be stressful.

We are expecting a solar wind stream flowing from a large coronal hole on the Sun, apparently due to reach Earth on or around July 1st as well. There has been an increase of solar winds/flares the last few months according to my sources.

The radical disrupter, high-voltage Uranus at 5* Aries moves retrograde on July 9th, 7:36 pm CDT. The energies of this Awakener shatter the status quo, leading to freedom from the known; could be in an innovative manner (technology for example), humanitarian, or revolutionary…Uranus operates unpredictably, rebelliously, & shockingly, suddenly changing what once was.. in a flash like lightning. Uranus is the first of the three outer energy transmitters (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) which symbolize urges toward development that relates to soul consciousness rather than personal consciousness. A couple of days around this date emphasize & strengthen the Uranian qualities. Shake, rattle & roll.


Use your tools ( my current main ones are meditating, gardening, dancing, biking & being) to maintain balance…breathe & let go!  Adios…

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