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Leo New Moon 7.30.2011 July 29, 2011

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Water for the Thirsty Soul

Everyone has all of the signs & planets somewhere in their birthchart.. As above so below.

Saturday, July 30th, 1:40pm, CDT: We celebrate a fiery Leo New Moon with both Sun (life vitality) & Moon (feelings & emotions) at 7* 16 spirited Leo. Our brilliant Sun, considered the ruler of the Leo electromagnetic field, is powerfully placed here, radiating much warmth, generosity & love from the heart. Confident Leo, the king or queen of beasts, is a natural leader, entertainer, actor, organizer…needing alot of attention/recognition & will get it one way or another. Both luminaries in this charming, benevolent,  creative, self-expressive, dramatic sign beam like a solar-powered spotlight at the Oscars! New Beginnings here we come!

The goddess of Love, Venus, is close to the New Moon at 2* 39 Leo, adding her rays of peace, beauty, balance, harmony, refinement & grace to the mix. Venus is also associated with one’s values…who & what you value, including issues of self-worth.

Not to be Ignored

Wherever we have the 7th degree (*) of playful Leo in our individual birthcharts, or any natal planets close to that degree, we experience an area of life open & ready for fresh creativity & radiant self-expression.  Shine & allow yourself to be recognized for being who you are. Just remember to share the spotlight once in awhile & guard against too much stubbornness, excess controlling behavior, haughtiness & ego-centered pride. Plant the seeds you want to nurture during this New Moon.

Tuesday, August 2nd, androgynous Mercury turns retrograde (apparent backward motion) at 1* earthy Virgo for approximately 3 weeks through Aug. 26th when speedy Mercury once again moves direct (forward) at 19* majestic  Leo. This tiny energy transmitter represents the intellectual components that describe our thinking process; how we absorb, compute & transmit information…communications, technology & mobility could be affected. Mercury in retrograde motion can be a valuable opportunity for reviewing, reorganizing, readjustment, revitalizing, double checking, etc.  It is a perfect time to go within & do some inner healing. After all we’re here not only to BE but to become more consciously whole. (note: not holier than thou) Update any part of your perceptions that may be outdated.

Spontaneous, independent Mars at 4* emotional Cancer will be making a very challenging aspect to electrical, independent Uranus at 4* daring Aries on August 9th/10th which signals extremely active energy bursting forth on the personal/collective stage. Not the calmest of conditions, but then again we are breaking out of the status quo mode. Mars can express through being assertive, courageous, direct, pioneering, passionate, risk-taking, impatient, impulsive, aggressive, angry & combative. The radical disrupter, high frequency Uranus symbolizes the awakener, the liberator & illuminator (lightning)…the rebel, the revolutionary, the eccentric genius, the shatterer of form…sudden & unpredictable, like an earthquake…however I am NOT predicting one.

Feisty Mars at 5* Cancer will then be opposing heavy-duty, cathartic Pluto (birth, death & rebirth) at 5* Capricorn  on the 11th of August. This adds a deeper dimension to upheaval..either in the personal unconscious mind or manifesting through the collective drama. Transformation & regeneration are happening one way or another…might as well cooperate & release the toxins of your psyche. They surface, you accept them & let them go. Easy, right?!?  “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” Chinese proverb

The plunging 270 ft. waterfall photo is the Snoqualmie Falls north of Seattle. The last 3 photos were taken at the Kubota Garden in Seattle, WA.

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