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Aquarius Full Moon 8.13.2011 August 11, 2011

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Uranian Freeway

 Everyone has all the signs & all the planets somewhere in their birthchart.

~As above so below~

Saturday, August 13, 2011, 1:57pm (CDT): We are receiving the rays of an electrical Aquarius Full Moon at 20*41 exactly opposite a vibrant Sun at 20*41 powerful Leo. This is the high energy peak in the 28 day Moon cycle & I imagine everyone can feel the intense frequencies.

When the Sun, symbolizing our conscious center, is traveling through the electromagnetic field of fixed fiery Leo we find an abundance of playful, spirited, enthusiastic, boisterous, creative & generous qualities, as well as the steadfast tendency to resist change. The ego is strong & outlets for dramatic self-expression is certainly desirable as the need for attention or recognition is very highly developed in this commanding, proud & dynamic sign. Sociable Venus at 19*57 Leo and communicating Mercury at 26*30 Leo sit on either side of the radiant Sun during this Full Moon; adding to the confident capacity for leading, organizing & directing by a self-assured, honorable lion/lioness…or to the Leo part in each of us.

Moon in Aquarius (20*41) is close to spiritual Neptune at 29* of this futuristic sign. (Sun & Moon are both illuminating lights & therefore they have a wider orb for aspects with other planetary transmitters.) High-frequency air-sign Aquarius can grasp & understand many things on an intuitive level; this is the mode of operating that supersedes the rational mind. It is instant knowing, without thinking. Neptunian energy dissolves barriers & boundaries, unifies as a cosmic solvent; it is imaginative, sensitive, artistic, inspirational, impressionable, compassionate, visionary & idealistic; not at all related to the logical, form side of life. Neptune is wholistic, healing & psychic…also can manifest as confusion, delusion, deception & escapism.

The Moon represents the urge to fulfill basic needs, survival instincts & security, emotions, feelings, the subconscious, the past & the eternal feminine within each of us. Full Moon in detached Aquarius can express unconventionally, independently & emotionally unpredictable….freedom from the stagnancy & radical change proceed!

Precise Mercury is still retrograde through the 26th of August (when it turns direct at 19* Leo) and seems to plop detours & complications into our everyday environment.  Any interaction/ interchange of information &/or complicated travel plans might exasperate us. (See last post for more Mercury info) It’s an opportunity to pay attention to what we need to focus on right now. Mercury  had been opposing Neptune earlier this month which reflected chaos & confusion as barriers were dissolving & the “merging into oneness” Neptunian approach undoubtedly mirrored some problems along with the big bruiser trio of impatient Mars currently squaring erratic Uranus & opposing metamorphic Pluto.

Not to say only undesirable outcomes are reflected by the above challenging aspects. Brave, passionate, active, risk-taking & assertive/aggressive, independent, self-projecting, warrior Mars can function more productively with expanded consciousness. Uranus at 4* Aries is closing in on an exact square aspect to Pluto at 5* Capricorn (see last post for more details); however as I’ve mentioned before the tension mounts as we approach June 24th, 2012 where these two outer planets are at the first of seven exact squares of each other. As a major long-term, reality-changing shift…this takes place from 2012 to 2015. More on that in the future. Until then…


” Our only security is our ability to change.”  John Lily

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