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Virgo New Moon 8.28.2011 August 24, 2011

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Let It Be

Astrology only correlates to reality-it does not cause it.

On Sunday, August 28th, 2011, at 10pm, CDT, we begin a New Moon cycle in adaptable, versatile & grounded Virgo; this is the first phase of the eight moon phases which occur repeatedly every 28 days…New Beginnings!  Sun (conscious self) & Moon (emotional self) are together at the same degree of 5*27 Virgo emphasizing the conception of detailed, thoughtful & practical creations, plans or projects by using skillful, observant, discriminating & analytical qualities. Remember  we don’t see this phase of the Moon in the sky, (no reflected sunlight) just as the results of the seeds planted at this time are not yet in physical form.

Orderly, efficient, helpful Virgo represents the path of integrity & clarity…it  is symbolic of harvesting skills; of separating the wheat from the chaff; discerning what is useful & letting go of what is not. It’s natural for this fertile Earth sign to cooperate with nature while understanding the connection between the material, functional world & the world of ideas. On August 23rd our Sun moved out of the flamboyant Leo electromagnetic field into the down-to-business operating style of precise, economical, technical, effective, efficient & organized Virgo, the trouble-shooter extraordinaire!

During this New Moon both Sun & Moon with Venus  (love, beauty, balance) close at 9* Virgo are harmoniously aspecting expansive Jupiter at 10* resourceful, productive Taurus, and rejuvenating Pluto at 5* disciplined, responsible Capricorn; both also Earth signs. What an opportunity to use your energy toward what you want to create in your life at this present moment..even with just a single thought! The conscientious Virgo part of you likes to keep busy & seeks self-improvement, just watch for fault-finding & obsessive/compulsive behavior…there is a definite streak of perfectionism that needs monitoring at times.

Earlier in the week on Thursday morning Aug. 25th, high-energy Mars at 15* sensitive, moody Cancer is exactly square (tense, stressful aspect) restrictive Saturn at 15* harmony-loving Libra;  use self-discipline & find an active outlet for your emotional tensions…bottling up your frustrations could be very unpleasant…its a perfect time to step it up a notch as far as transforming yourself. I know I’ve felt the pressure building for the past weeks; (Mars is the trigger planet; this faster moving transit is layered over the encroaching Uranus square Pluto that I’ve talked about before.. for those of you who understand).

Friday August 26th, planet Mercury turns direct (forward-moving) at 19* creative Leo, after being retrograde most of the month. Data-aware Mercury is the communications transmitter associated with both Gemini & Virgo. By Sept.10th Merc enters home sign Virgo once again. (It continues on until the next retrograde session at the end of November.) We’ll see if things run more smoothly on the information & mobility front.

Bless The Fertile Earth

Expansive Jupiter is turning retrograde (backwards) at 10*stable, patient Taurus on Tuesday, August 30th. It moves forward again on Christmas Day, Dec. 25th, 2011. Our largest planet of exploration symbolizes the broad perspective, a search for meaning & truth, our ethics, beliefs, faith, optimism, abundance, prosperity & generosity. We are urged to grow through new experiences, whether on the physical &/or mental, spiritual level. When retro, it may be a period of going more within & processing all the changes. ?

I’m letting my intuition guide me as much as I can within the framework of life I created this time around.. here on planet Earth…what else can one do?!

New Moon & Full Moon every month here on;




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