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Pisces Full Moon 9.12.2011 September 9, 2011

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Rise Above It 

Everyone has all the signs & all of the planets in their natal birthchart.

-As Above So Below-

Astrology  only correlates to reality-it does not cause it.

Monday, early morning, September 12th, 2011 at 4:27am, CDT: the Full Moon peaks with the yang Sun at 19*17 grounded Virgo exactly opposite (180 degrees*) the yin Moon at 19*17 ethereal Pisces.  Our two Lights are creating a polarity of electromagnetic energy between these opposing signs. We need to assimilate & integrate the qualities of both earthy, discerning, detailed Virgo & emotional, impressionable, visionary Pisces in order to benefit from this powerful, dynamic illumination phase. We are in a life-altering time of transformation when our status-quo reality is quickly shifting, leaving behind the known & familiar, soaring into the unknown.  Virgo good judgment, clear thinking & discrimination balanced with Piscean compassion, intuition & openness are necessary to wade through all the illusions that we are being bombarded with constantly.

The emotionally responsive Moon in sensitive, dreamy Pisces definitely brings right-brain energy to the forefront of our consciousness. With imagination, creativity, idealism, inspiration & vision, this part of us can blend well with the practical application skills of Virgo. Mystical Pisces experiences/feels/perceives the greater whole while Virgo takes care of the details. There are no boundaries for transcendental Pisces which is ruled by intangible Neptune, the dissolver of form…the sea (Lake Superior) clouds or the fog are my favorite images. The keyword here is Surrender: stop pushing or resisting...frantic efforts could be blocking one’s good. Neptune can also relate to confusion, delusion, deception, vulnerability, vagueness, the unrealistic & escapism. Grounding yourself will help…think I’ll listen to Leonard Cohen.

Active Mars in Cancer, is harmoniously aspecting this Moon adding the extra oomph we may need to carry through with our creations in whatever form they take.

Earth, Water, Sky...You Are the Fire

Rational Mercury, is the planetary transmitter associated with precise, thorough, practical Virgo (& communicative Gemini). It relates to the skillful use of the 5 senses applied through analytical, thoughtful Virgo abilities to order one’s perceptions of the world as we know it. Some are more adept with this than others..(they may have more planets in Virgo, etc.) Often this manifests in the areas of manual dexterity, craftwork, research, technology, music, economics, health & healing. Cooperating with nature & Mother Earth is another avenue for Virgo’s dedicated work & commitment to one’s personal growth. This meticulous, disciplined sign is the alchemist of  logic, organization & utility…a pro at getting from point A to Z on its journey to clarity & integrity!

Androgynous, intelligent, communicative Mercury entered its own sign of Virgo on Sept. 8th; feeling right at home while learning, teaching & expressing competently, functioning efficiently & helpfully serving through focused energy. Be aware of excess perfectionism, negatively judging/criticizing self or others, nit-picking, obsessive-compulsive behavior, skepticism or worry. Fast-change artist Mercury is also known as the archetypal Trickster..hmm.

Another Autumnal Equinox is upon us as time is marching onward in an accelerated fashion. the Sun moves into the first degree of Libra on Sept 23rd.

On Sept. 16 metamorphic Pluto at 5* Capricorn is Stationary Direct  (ending its apparent backward motion, slowing down to a stop & changing direction forward…from Earth’s point of view); a potent period for a day or two in which the massive transformations that Pluto symbolizes manifest even more powerfully & extremely on both the personal & collective stage…especially because intense Pluto is closely (although not exactly..yet..until June 2012) squaring (stressful aspect) unpredictable Uranus reflecting major changes of radical death/destruction/disintegration. Within the subconscious Pluto is ridding us of what is toxic & blocking our evolving nature; ordinary reality is breaking down; the management of power is being transformed. Pluto also facilitates rebuilding, renovating, revitalization, rebirth, healing & cathartic regeneration on all levels as we become more self-empowered.

Mental, emotional & physical tensions will cause a need, unconsciously or consciously, for a release which often requires some sort of action during this square aspect. The more conscious one is, the more actively you create your own fate.

I recently discovered (during Mercury retrograde) that many of the spam messages I had ignored since 2008, were actually delightful comments from readers all over the world! (What can I say?!  I’m fairly new with this computer knowledge.) THANK YOU people…its encouraging. I’m checking everything now, even though I don’t write back, I appreciate your comments.
As we used to say long ago, “peace, brothers & sisters”…V…let’s surround this planet with love! (and to those beyond)

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