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Libra New Moon 9.27.2011 September 26, 2011

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, New Moons.

Early Tuesday, 6:08 am, CDT, September 27th, 2011, we are experiencing an extremely tumultuous Libra New Moon with both Sun & Moon at 4* serene Libra.

Peace-loving Libran energy seems so benign, but as I was drawing out the aspects (mathematical angles between the planets which manifest in various ways.. either more skillfully & harmoniously or with friction & tension) I was feeling uneasy. “Don’t be negative & fearful,” I thought. “Practice deep breathing, be in the moment, stop projecting ahead..the solar system is a mirror for us…it does not cause anything.”…so true…”relax” I tell myself.  There is no controlling the Earth changes we’re in the midst of;  we all feel the accelerating pressure & anxiety. On some level we chose to be born for this, so here we go! We need more than a seat-belt now. Make a commitment to do what makes you feel calmer, healthier & more centered within your busy schedule.

A New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, new birth in some form. Cooperating, diplomatic Libra, a cardinal air sign, operates mentally & socially, generating & actively initiating New Moon fresh ideas, creations or relationships that begin with conception. Considerate Libra has a need to create beauty, peace, balance & harmony. Although Libra may be cautious to avoid rocking the boat, or hesitant, indecisive & over-compromising at times, it can also portray the “iron fist in the velvet glove” when necessary. The Goddess of Love, Venus (or the Greek Aphrodite) at 15* libra is the energy transmitter that relates to the electromagnetic field of Libra, attracting & drawing to herself whatever she values. Here lies the potential to achieve the attainment of tranquility. The strong desire for equilibrium manages the ability to adapt self to ever-changing conditions.

Serious, disciplined, responsible Saturn at 18* Libra sits next to Venus, slows us down a bit & focuses our attention on important interpersonal work.

Then we have other planets doing their thing…active, energetic, impulsive Mars is adjusting to the major transformations that complex Pluto represents as it breaks down the status-quo along with disruptive, unpredictable Uranus, either in our personal lives or in the collective.

Also electrical, high frequency Uranus is opposing cerebral Mercury, the communicator, with the Sun & Moon all conjunct in early peace-loving Libra.  It may be a VERY radical, liberating time of illumination & sudden-change on this New Moon where independence & individuality  are heightened…revolution & rebellion &/or freedom & reform?! Our expanding intuition can be channeled but not controlled; nervous systems will undoubtedly be bombarded…good gracious! I need to get out in Nature! I hope you have an opportunity to do that too.

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