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Aries Full Moon 10.11.2011 October 10, 2011

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Full Moons.

Everyone has all of the signs & planets somewhere in their birthchart.

With our Sun at 18* communal Libra exactly opposite our Moon at 18* enterprising Aries, we experience the spirited Aries Full Moon on Tuesday, October 11th, 2011, at 9:05 pm, CDT.

This is the creative peak or “flowering” phase of the monthly Moon cycle where the two opposing electromagnetic fields, partnership-oriented Libra & self-oriented Aries, form a major polarity between them & the qualities each one symbolizes. Integration of both sides is needed in order to get the full benefit of the powerful Sun & Moon illumination.

The diplomatic, tactful Libra Sun is associated with sensual planet Venus, which describes what we like, what we’re attracted to & who or what we value. Venus, the mythological goddess of love & beauty, moves quickly through the zodiac & on Oct. 8th it enters the sign of passionate, intense, deeply emotional Scorpio which could make things interesting.

Courageous fire-sign Aries is ruled by assertive Mars, the aggressive god of war, emphasizing activity, directness, enthusiasm & independence…very unlike the more dependent, refined Libra who always takes others into consideration, & wants to cooperatively create peace & harmony within relationships. The true work for Libra is to create & maintain inner harmony & balance which is a continual process as life progresses onward. The potential Libran habit of procrastination or of making no decision (because it seems easier) is making a decision…eager, confident Aries will only be too happy to have its way! During this Full Moon competitive Mars is in fiery, creative, heart-centered Leo & makes harmonious aspects to the two luminaries. Whew!

Saturn plays an important role now because it sits at 20* right next to Sun at 18* Libra & opposite Moon at 18* Aries. Saturn, the universal karmic teacher, adds a dose of responsibility & seriousness to any situation; the wisdom, humility, compassion & patience that come from Saturnian life experience (maturity) can be very beneficial in helping to curb the impatience of Aries & in lending some authority to vacillating Libra.

Then there’s revolutionary Uranus in a challenging, stressful aspect to transforming Pluto which is decreasing in pressure now but only briefly before it becomes a more exact square alignment (which is a very intense, sudden-change aspect). They will move closer to this point thru 2012 until we have the first exact square between Uranus & Pluto on June 24, 2012. More on this later.

I am practicing living in the Present moment & slowing down…my nervous system needs lots of Mother Nature…

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