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Scorpio New Moon 10.26.2011 October 24, 2011

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, New Moons.

Early Morning on the Lake

~As Above So Below~

On Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 2:56 pm, CDT, we are experiencing our New Moon in the passionate water sign of Scorpio. Both luminaries, Sun (conscious self) & Moon (the subconscious), are conjoined at 3* transformative Scorpio which represents the energy of life, death & rebirth at all levels.

No matter where you experience this New Moon in your life, it will be complex, emotional, mysterious, healing, regenerating & transforming. Cathartic energy is at work wherever we find Scorpio or Pluto, the ruling planet which deepens & intensifies whatever it touches. It also deals with intuition, strong feelings, the hidden (Pluto is the god of the Underworld) & psychological realms.

I know I’ve been releasing, eliminating & letting go of what is no longer needed… a  deep, inner cleansing expressed through various symptoms; purging of massive old, crusty feelings, extreme emotions, surfacing memories & outdated thought-forms from who knows where?!… life has sped up so much & will continue to accelerate exponentially…one barely has time to regain balance, get back on your feet & out the door again!

A New Moon is always an opportunity to plant new seeds & to be open to new beginnings. The magnetic, determined, resourceful Scorpio energy offers the potential gift of self-empowerment; having control over the self as we release the need to control or have power over others. The Eagle symbol is the higher visual of Scorpio soaring above the scorpion which represents its lower nature…nothing quite as intense as the steely eye of an Eagle!

Our ego-centeredness may cause some unexpected problems in our relating style or relationship issues now but there are also harmonious aspects to this New Moon that could take the tension down a notch. Stay flexible, tolerant, cooperative, loving & forgiving…start with the self.

One recent morning Coldplay performed on TV & I had to get up… danced wildly & felt wonderfully energized…one dance at a time!

Very soon I will be posting a hopefully simplified article on the upcoming URANUS Square PLUTO June 2012-March 2015 event.

Check this site every New Moon & Full Moon for a bite of the Cosmic scene on;




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