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Taurus Full Moon 11.10.2011 November 9, 2011

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Full Moons.

Transition on Mother Earth

Thursday, November 10, 2011, at 2:16 pm CST: our active solar body, the life-force radiant Sun, at 18*05 intense  Scorpio is exactly opposite the sensitive, absorbing Moon at 18*05 solid Taurus, creating a Full Moon. Most of us are aware that this is a cosmically powerful time…and yes, while the planets do NOT cause things to happen, they miraculously only mirror what is going on over here on planet Earth.

Patient, practical Taurus energy needs to be resourceful, productive & stable; holding on to who & what it values. Cathartic, complex Scorpio is all about change, metamorphosis, transforming, regeneration & letting go; in other words, rebirth.

Cosmic Neptune is leaving Aquarius, where it has been for years & is moving into the first degree of Pisces (its home space) in early February 2012, where it will travel for the next approx. 14 years. I plan on covering that subject later.

As Above So Below

Due to circumstances in my life, I need to take a break from the biweekly blog. I plan to soon continue with only a monthly Full Moon blog & also periodic extras, like my Uranus Square Pluto article, etc. Everything is fine…just undergoing cosmic inner changes which I will explain to the best of my ability. What?! Things are changing?!?!

As Iris Dement sang, “Let the Mystery Be”….we’ll be in touch…

Watch for next blog here on https://cosmicsense.wordpress.com



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