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Sagittarius New Moon/Solar Eclipse 11.24/25.2011 November 21, 2011

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Let the Adventure Begin

What a Thanksgiving celebration for those who participate! The planetary action will certainly be available to every soul on Earth and off.

Thursday the 24th of November for PST; in CST it is early morning Friday, Nov. 25th, at 12:10 am, when we have a powerful Sagittarius New Moon (new beginnings) & a very busy Solar Eclipse. Every Solar Eclipse occurs at the close or exact alignment with the Sun and Moon in the same degree;  the Moon ( past) is lined up in-between the Sun ( future) & the Earth (current reality)…definitely an amazing opportunity to prepare for previously hidden unconscious desires or information to be suddenly revealed…it may feel like a new birth! Old issues, feelings, problems, habits, conditioning & memory-dominated reactions tend to be reawakened. Also instinctive wisdom, insights, skills, innate gifts & intuitional flashes may surface unexpectedly..(we never have control over intuition, we are simply open channels for it to operate at high frequency.)

This Solar Eclipse with both Sun & Moon at 2*37 Sagittarius is a time when past & present must come to terms before further development can proceed. Take a risk! Onward & upward fellow humans! OK, I will continue to clear out old stuff & make room for the new…perhaps literally too.

Both luminaries in adventurous, independent fire-sign Sagittarius (and we all have Sag somewhere in our birthchart) bring forth mucho enthusiasm, expansiveness, optimism, idealism, higher mental interests, love of freedom &  space (inner, outer, & wide open) & enjoyment of a good time. ” Nothing in excess” is key here.

Our largest energy transmitter, spirited Jupiter, now at 1*57 Taurus, is associated with the electromagnetic field of Sagittarius & is considered the Greater Benefic of all the planets. It signifies reaching out to include more & more of the universe & its many experiences while we are seeking meaning, truth & developing ethical values. Growth & expansion, generosity, prosperity, benevolence, faith, trust, improvement, good will & positiveness are some of the basic qualities of Jupiter. Watch so they don’t expand into ” too much” or become impractical, insensitive, opinionated, tactless, extravagant, restless or dogmatic.

A Light in the Darkness

 Mercury, our speedy messenger planet which operates through travel, communications, data collecting  & commerce is once more turning Retrograde at 20* Sag or backward (does this approx. 3 times/year) on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24th through Dec.13th when it turns Direct at 4* Sag. Patience will be in great demand because there are often delays, detours, miscommunications, break-downs, confusion & changed plans with this event. This is also a chance to turn our thoughts deeply inward & think things over…stay flexible.

 I am grateful for, among other things, that visionary Jupiter in productive Taurus, active Mars in efficient Virgo & transforming Pluto in organized Capricorn are still making a Grand Trine aspect in those grounded, practical Earth signs. Focus on what you want to be your reality. Oh yes, I’m thankful for my readers! Bless you.

Next blog posting will be on Uranus Square Pluto…the multiexperience  I’ve been dropping hints about for the past year.

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