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Uranus Square Pluto 2012-2015 November 28, 2011

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Pluto in Capricorn

The word “Cosmos” comes from the Greek “Kosmos” which translates into “order/harmony”.

Pre-Winter Solstice 2012: as our Sun passes over 27 degrees Sagittarius on December 18th, 2011, it makes a solar alignment  with our Galactic Center which is at 27* Sagittarius. Continuing on its orbital path the Sun enters the 1st degree of earth sign Capricorn on December 21st, 11:30 pm, 2011, CST, which indicates the time of the exact Winter Solstice. Although this cosmic event happens every year, for the last couple of seasons transformative Pluto, potent creator & destroyer, has been in the early degrees of structured Capricorn where it will remain through 2024 radically changing the management of power. This is the background stage for the dramatic entrance of the widely advertised Winter Solstice of December 2012. (a year away as of this posting & NOT the end of the world! )

+++If you choose to read the rest of this blog, I recommend you don’t try too hard to fit all of the information into the logical left-brain processing center. Instead let your right-brain take over & don’t worry about it. I warn you though…this is not for astrological pantywaists!!

Now we’ll turn our attention to the up-coming, life-changing & long-lasting Uranus square Pluto multievent.

May, 2010; another transpersonal cosmic player had entered the scene! Volatile, high-frequency Uranus briefly moved into the beginning of fiery Aries, turned retrograde, went back into Pisces for a short while, then finally Uranus moved forward into cardinal Aries on March 11th, 2011, where it will be for the next seven years through 2018. Within this time/space placement, electrical Uranus in Aries will be making a series of seven exact square aspects to Pluto in cardinal Capricorn beginning in 2012 and lasting through 2015.

What are squares? A square aspect is a 90 degree mathematical angle between two orbiting planets that produces friction, tension, challenge, inner distress & internal conflict which prompts a call (more like a shout) for action. Aries & Capricorn, as two cardinal signs, refer to quick dynamic action..the cardinal mode that sets things into motion with conscious focus directed outward. Uranus square Pluto will manifest & release tremendous cosmic energies…this on-going process will facilitate extremely important turning points for us, relating to a spiritual expansion of consciousness & marking an increase of transitional shifts into a subtler dimension of existence. (big mystery..never happened to us before..no answers from me! ) 

Here are the 7 dates & degrees of exact Uranus square Pluto;

June 24, 2012;    URANUS  8*24 Aries…PLUTO 8*24 Capricorn                  

September 19, 2012;  URANUS 6*54 Aries…PLUTO 6*54 Capricorn

May 20/21, 2013;              URANUS 11*14 Aries…PLUTO 11*14 Capricorn

October 31/Nov. 1, 2013; URANUS 9*25 Aries..PLUTO 9*25 Capricorn

 April 21, 2014;           URANUS 13*34…..PLUTO 13*34 Capricorn

December 16, 2014;  URANUS 12*35 Aries…. PLUTO 12*35 Capricorn

 March 17, 2015.          URANUS 15*17 Aries… PLUTO 15*17 Capricorn

These extremely powerful, universal energy transmitters express personally/collectively/globally & affect our whole galaxy & beyond as new archetypes challenge the established order here…BIG TIME CHANGES!  The nature of life is to move toward wholeness; Uranus & Pluto, as two of our three outer planets (Neptune is the other, but not involved in this square), play a major part of this evolutionary agenda which is to continually expand consciousness & spiritually connect or return to the Source. Unpredictable, unexpected Uranus shockingly & quickly breaks up the status quo, the known world, the familiar; intense, regenerating Pluto symbolizes the process of  death, destruction, decay, regeneration, renovation & rebirth. These three transpersonal forces are never subject to our personal control &/or comprehension. They disconnect us from the reality structures on any level that we have become identified with; by some grand design we obviously need to release & transcend our personal ego-interests, be flexible, open & receptive to what changes are to come.

As Spiritual Beings, currently on Earth, we are creators of our experiences because we are always learning; there is no magical way to predict what is to happen in our material world as it reflects these configurations, but I will review some terms that describe potential expressions of Uranus & Pluto.

 Inspiring, original Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) emphasizes individuality, independence, autonomy, operating to suddenly free self from past limitations, stifling situations…to illuminate, enlighten, liberate, awaken, to break down old forms;  to shatter all barriers of convention-social, political, philosophical, moral & religious beliefs & standards. Uranus represents the rebel, the revolutionary…bringing radical change & freedom whether through reform, invention, revelation, discovery &/or disruption, anarchy,  fanaticism. The Aries (ruled by Mars) electromagnetic field manifests actively, fearlessly, independently, impatiently, assertively & competitively in a spontaneous, enthusiastic, pioneering, initiating, eager, confident manner which can escalate into recklessness, impulsiveness, selfishness & become aggressive, argumentative, overpowering, overbearing, uncooperative & violent.

Uranus is a high-frequency transmitter that symbolizes intuition (instant knowing), genius, tolerance, humanitarianism, technology (which is developing at lightning speed now), uniqueness, unconventionality, detachment from cultural structure & approval, the unknown; it rules the body electrical system, the nervous system, also lightning, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, i.e. natural disasters. Uranus is good at shattering & shocking! signifying sudden-change that breaks us out of our comfort zone.

Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) represents the inevitability of change, the transformation of creation & destruction, life & death, whether literal or metaphorical; physically, emotionally, mentally or psychologically cleansing, purging, upheaval, elimination, catharsis, regeneration, healing, revitalization, metamorphosis…the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, fearlessly letting go of the old to embrace the new. This alchemical transmutation is irreversible & inevitable…part of life.

The expression of complex Plutonian in-depth energy is extremely dynamic & intense, rising from the subconscious/ unconscious realms, acted out through behaviors that are compulsive, obsessive, secretive, hidden, subversive; it is the transcendental aspect of sexuality; energy released from the core of the subconscious. Complicated Pluto deals in power; power issues, control issues, manipulation, power struggles or most desirable..self-empowerment…or learning to control the self. This represents knowledge of what lies within on a personal level; it has power in its capacity to release vast amounts of energy. Sometimes we have to lose what we think we need in order to discover what we truly need.

Pluto will be in Capricorn through 2024. The earthy Capricorn energy symbolizes our material world, the structures, organizations, organized crime, the authorities, rules & regulations, the powerful, the corporations, the banks, the governments, (interesting note: the Shanghai Financial Center is shaped like a modern Pluto symbol.)

Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) also corresponds to accomplishment, discipline, responsibility, practicality, administrating, efficiency, organization & can express in a patient, constructive, conscientious, dependable, hard-working, realistic, cautious & ambitious manner. These qualities can degrade into controlling, conservative, rigid, fearful, distrustful ,pessimistic, overcautious, calculated, unemotional, inhibited & opportunistic ways.

June 24th, 2012 we experience the first of the seven exact squares between Uranus at 8*24 Aries & Pluto at 8*24 Capricorn. Although we came close to a few square aspects with Uranus & Pluto during the past year, it was always at least a degree off of an exact square , so we haven’t had the full impact yet.

So there you have it; my long, detailed blog on Uranus square Pluto….its been a work in progress. Please feel free to comment or give me feedback.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” Lord Acton




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