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Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 12.10.2011 December 9, 2011

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Water Forms

Everyone has all of the signs & all of the planets somewhere in their birthchart.

Saturday, December 10th, 2011, 8:36 AM, CST, we experience (visible in Western US & Canada) a total Lunar Eclipse taking place in the opposing electromagnetic fields of enthusiastic, fiery Sagittarius & airy, communicative Gemini. The flaring solar orb (Sun consciousness) is currently in Sagittarius at 18* exactly opposite the Lunar sphere (unconscious Moon) at 18* Gemini.

A Lunar Eclipse can only occur during a Full Moon where the exact same degree is highlighted in opposing signs. The Earth (the present) is directly in-between the Sun (future) & the Moon (past) & works with the same questions/issues from the polarity of different viewpoints. Our current needs are receiving all available solar power. We are released from the past, reaping the benefits of it, if we can break free from restrictive conditioning, habitual behavior & destructive emotional reactions. Deep unconscious material is bound to surface now, so remain flexible, cooperative & patient. Breathe alot, especially before responding to whatever/whoever shows up. (I will try to be kinder…even in my thoughts! ) This process is extremely important due to the pertinent placement of the symbolic Nodes of the Moon as well.

Just a few hours before this amazing cosmic event we also have unpredictable, high-frequency Uranus turning Direct after traveling Retrograde (backwards) for months. Expect the unexpected…sudden changes may be at your front door…pay attention to your intuition & follow it. Everybody knows emotions can run amuck when it comes to Moon drama even without the shocking lightning strikes of Uranus.

The intelligent style of articulate, curious, adaptable  Moon in Gemini needs to gather information in a verbal, quick, stimulating manner, at times bordering on a high-strung impatience & restlessness. The thirst for knowledge is fed by continual interactions with others & utilization of the mind. Variety is the spice of life here!  Communicator Mercury, the fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods, is associated with Gemini & is poised for flight at all times. Orbiting Mercury turns Direct on Dec. 13th at 4* Sagittarius before the busy holiday season…hooray!  (see earlier post of Sag New Moon/Solar Eclipse for more Mercury info)

The Sun in inspirational, visionary Sagittarius, ruled by expansive, jovial Jupiter, expresses its nature through optimism, enthusiasm, wisdom, understanding, open-mindedness & idealism. Adventure & far-away places call to the Sag in the body or in the mind.   The Archer, freedom loving & exploring, is geared to wander & learn, seeking truth through philosophy, metaphysics, the dream-world, travel..(spaceship, anyone?) The search for meaning is the prime directive for this one. Don’t let these qualities become self-righteous, impractical & opinionated.

The Moon’s nodes are involved at this Eclipse time with the North Node at 14* Sagittarius close to the Sun & the South Node at 14* Gemini close to the Moon. The Moon’s nodes, like mathematical aspects between planets, are not a physical thing but rather a mental calculation. Nevertheless they emphasize a focus on opening up to your intuitional be-ing, stop thinking so much, or talking too much  and commit to Higher Consciousness & Truth.

SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!! December 21st, 2011, (northern hemisphere) our blazing Sun moves into the first degree of Capricorn marking the exact time of the Winter Solstice...the longest night of the year. Now each succeeding day will have a bit more light…maybe things will lighten up! Remember we are filled with light!  Yes, Virgina, we are light-beings! And don’t you forget it!




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