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Leo Full Moon 2.7.2012 February 5, 2012

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Hidden Gorge

“Everyone has all of the signs & all of the planets somewhere in their birthchart”

Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 3:54 pm, CST: Playful, fiery Leo Moon at 18*32 is exactly opposite Sun in eclectic, airy Aquarius 18*32. The peak illumination of the Full Moon reveals the radiant Sun’s energy & light reflected upon Ms. Moon (the Moon is totally a feminine being) who then beams it out to all. If you can’t see it, you can still feel it. This is the flowering phase of the lunation 8-phase cycle. Keep in mind the Moon actually has a 29 day repeating cycle…that’s why there are 13 Full Moons in a year.

The opposition aspect (180* apart) of the Full Moon manifests in the polarity or separation of two very different energies which call for balance & integration of both within each of us. Communicator Mercury is sitting at the same degree as the Sun at 18* Aquarius. Intuition is flowing..use it rather than being soo left-brained. Our nervous system, which relates to electrical Aquarius and speedy, changeable Mercury, needs tender loving care now as well.

The electromagnetic field of Leo is associated with our Sun…dramatic, dynamic, romantic, dignified  & commanding Leo is egocentric; needing to create, play, perform, express self & be recognized; self-confident Leo thrives on attention & appreciation. The generous, loving, proud, self-assured Lion or Lioness (the king/queen or natural leader) is courageous, flamboyant & magnanimous. Like the Sun’s flaming rays, the love of Leo constantly radiates from the fiery Leo heart! We definitely need more of that!

Boulder Lake

During this Full Moon the orbiting Sun is in the sign of futurist, high-frequency Aquarius. The progressive, liberal, humanitarian & altruistic qualities of the waterbearer (no, it is NOT a water sign, it is an air sign) are very social & people-oriented, tolerant, democratic & friendly (forget about Dick Chaney).

Aquarius is associated with energy transmitter Uranus, the planet symbolizing awakening related to soul consciousness, illumination or revelation; Uranus operates unpredictably, suddenly, unexpected…breaking us free from the old, familiar status quo existence. This transpersonal planet also  expresses as the rebel, the revolutionary, the genius, or the innovator… the part of us that is unconventional, eccentric, non-conformist, original & doesn’t care about the conventions of the norm. Is there a normal anymore?!  WARNING: These two exciting energy fields, Leo & Aquarius, are fixed signs, so watch the stubbornness factor.

Neptune entered its home sign of Pisces on Saturday, Feb. 4th and will be in Pisces through 2026. We have time to get into that later.

Saturn in Libra (relating, creating order, harmony & balance) turns Retrograde (backward) on the Full Moon day, Feb. 7th, until it once again moves Direct (forward) on June 25th. We will have an opportunity to re-evaluate our self-made rules, regulations & restrictions that  are stifling our growth. Saturn is thee Teacher!

My favorite holiday..VALENTINE’S DAY, February 14th… true Leo/Aquarian spirit!

Active Mars is still retrograde in Virgo until April 13th. Cultivate patience.

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans!” John Lennon said, but don’t know if he originated the phrase. Thanks to all who send comments, especially those who are learning English! I wish I had time to respond.




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