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Pisces New Moon 2.21.2012 February 20, 2012

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Piscean Rainbow Strand

Astrology only correlates to reality-it does not cause it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012, at 4:35 pm, CST; both Sun (conscious will) & Moon (unconscious instincts) sit together at 2*42 sensitive, water-sign Pisces which is the equation of a New Moon in Pisces. A New Moon means a period of new birth, new beginnings, initiation of a new cycle, emergence & projection…visions & creations felt but not yet seen. The electromagnetic field of unifying Pisces represents energy that is imaginative, impressionable, spiritual, compassionate, psychic, receptive, empathic, healing, musical, creative, inspiring & able to go with the flow. WOW! As I’m writing PBS radio just finished playing the symphony piece of Neptune by Gustav Holst! I wondered what that beautiful, otherworldly music was…very dreamlike…of course.

Neptune moved into its home sign of intuitive, receptive Pisces on February 3rd, 2012, where it will remain throughout the beginning of 2026. It is one of the three outer transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) which function as higher frequency transmitters; nebulous, ego-dissolving Neptune takes 165 years to orbit our Sun and is considered to be the universal Cosmic Solvent..Surrender Dorothy! The urge to merge is the main idea..fog & the ocean are Earthly examples..no boundaries anywhere!  Faith, prayer & meditation are also prime examples of Neptunian expression. Film & alcohol as well as oil are connected to this alluring world where things can be difficult when they indiscriminately slip into extremes of confusion, escapism, delusion, impracticality, deception or illusion.

Healing Nature

Transcendent Neptune at 0*42 (zero degrees & 42 minutes) Pisces is very close to the Sun & Moon with Chiron at 5* Pisces on the other side of them. Mystical, magical, mysterious, ethereal & visionary energies certainly permeate the atmosphere!

Chiron is the small maverick planet that travels inbetween Saturn (the magnetic earthbody) & Uranus (the electrical lightbody). It is symbolized by the Wounded Healer in mythology or the archetype of imperfection & loss which when integrated within the self leads to compassion & understanding of others’ suffering.  Chiron is our Inner Spiritual Teacher…like the shaman in communication with the forces of nature. Discovered in 1977, it is becoming more active in our psyche at this time to prepare humanity for contact with intelligence beyond human realms & our 3- dimensional reality.

We also have practical, organized, responsible & disciplined Saturn at the end of relating Libra adding its particular strength & wisdom along with idealistic, enthusiastic, truth-seeking Jupiter in resourceful, productive, stable earthy Taurus. Both are assisting with the outpouring of universal love & compassion of the healing Piscean New Moon group.

What a glorious opportunity! Remember flowers & birds dispel negative energy….

Whisp of a Rememberance




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