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Virgo Full Moon 3.8.2012 March 5, 2012

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Winter At Last

Early Thursday morning, we absorb the powerful Virgo Full Moon energy on March 8, 2012, at 3:39 am, CST. The Sun at 18* inspiring, intuitive Pisces is exactly opposite our emotional Moon at 18* analytical, discerning Virgo. The extra power comes from assertive, risk-taking Mars at 12* efficient, orderly Virgo, sitting close to the Lunar orb adding much strength & drive to this practical, disciplined Earth sign. Outgoing Mars is still Retrograde until April 13th so it may be directing its energy more inward; assisting in clearing out the unnecessary judgments & criticisms we all carry; we instead may express more ethereal Piscean compassion & empathy. Mars, however, definitely contributes fire to the emotions even in pragmatic Virgo. A Full Moon is always about balancing the polarities of the two signs involved.

Focused Virgo is associated with communication transmitter Mercury, which is now at 5*41 initiating, spontaneous Aries & also conjunct unpredictable Uranus at 3*35 Aries. Cooperation & flexibility are very important during this time period. Things may change quickly.

A sensitive, imaginative, universal Pisces Sun, associated with nebulous Neptune (the cosmic solvent) can dissolve any boundaries…romance, the arts, poetry, film, music, dance, photography, psychic experiences, healing, the mystical or mysterious are connected to this realm. Transcendental, spiritual Pisces is fantastic at merging all into one…like the great cosmic sea. The possibility of confusion, unhealthy escape &/or deceit might be held in check by Neptune’s flowing trine to structured, cautious Saturn.

Courageous Mars at 12* Virgo, expansive Jupiter at 8* Taurus & transformative Pluto at 9* Capricorn are currently making a harmonious Grand Earth trine aspect which can manifest in stable, grounded, reliable, realistic, productive & tangible outcomes. Earth signs are very persevering, material-minded & security-oriented; they need to open up to the reality of the unseen world (Pisces) & commit themselves to specific ideals. Let go of stubbornness & much can be accomplished.

Chester Creek

Adaptable Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, represents the mind; communication, interpretation, intelligence, reasoning capability, transmission of information & interaction with the environment, including travel. On March 12th, this androgynous transmitter turns Retrograde (backward) at 6*49 Aries until April 4th when it moves Direct (forward) at 23*51 Pisces. This period is considered a perfect time to reorganize, repair, double-check things (like your taxes,etc.), research, plan, rethink…and pay attention to details. Be patient with delays & miscommunication.

Daylight Saving Time starts March 11th at 2:00am. Set clocks ahead one hour or your Mercury Retrograde will really be a mess!

Tuesday, March 20th, at 12:15 am, CDT: its time to celebrate the Vernal (Spring) Equinox when our SUN moves into the first degree* of ARIES! 


Adios! I need to go listen to Leonard Cohen….and watch the snow falling…




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