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Taurus New Moon 4.21.2012 April 20, 2012

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, New Moons.

April in Chester Creek

~As Above So Below~

New Moon at 1*36 sensuous Taurus on Saturday, April 21, 2012, 2:20 am, CDT: both the Yang Sun & the Yin Moon are at the exact same degree of Taurus during the lunar cycle of New Beginnings, conception, new birth…plant the seeds!  This earthy, stable, productive & fertile Taurian electromagnetic field contains the Pleiades also known as the Seven Sisters star group. Hmmm…

With our two luminaries in the sign of the Bull (yes, can be stubborn & explode in quite a temper when pushed) we experience the opportunity to be resourceful, practical, industrious, reliable, determined, patient, persevering, prudent & creative. Flowing aspects from this duo to dynamically active, assertive Mars at 4* Virgo & powerfully transforming & regenerating Pluto at 9* Capricorn will facilitate plans, ideas, creativity & projects; Taurus is the Builder. Self-discipline & responsible effort from serious Saturn opposite the New Moon can be integrated to your advantage. Don’t let fear stop you.

Unifying, visionary, compassionate Neptune is standing by now as a cosmic solvent allowing us to continue toward wholeness as we surrender our ego selves in a healthy manner. I just want to get my hands in the dirt!


Chester Creek

Our brilliant Venus, which is currently at 14* Gemini, is the transmitter that is the “natural occupier” connected to Taurus (as well as Libra). Artistic, cooperative, sensual, social Venus turns retrograde on May 15th at 24* witty, curious, adaptable & changeable Gemini & moves Direct again June 27th at 7* communicative Gemini. This may affect how we relate to others or give us a window into what it is we really value.

Mother Nature at Work

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