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Scorpio Full Moon 5.5.2012 May 3, 2012

Posted by cosmicsense in astrology, Full Moons, Scorpio.

What Is To Be

Oh powerful, potent Mother Moon Scorpio! Magnetic, intense, complex, mysterious, resourceful, passionate, in-depth, perceptive; filled with creativity, desire, determination, bringing on transformation, regeneration, cathartic cleansing & healing…forgiving, letting go, releasing & rebirthing!

Saturday, May 5th, 2012, 10:35 pm, CDT, our responsive Full Moon at 16* Scorpio, representing extremely concentrated power, is exactly opposite Sun at 16* stable Taurus. As this Moon rises in the East at sunset it will appear quite huge…in fact it is the largest & brightest Full Moon of 2012. I’d love to be on the beach of Lake Superior absorbing the energy but it looks like rain!


The Full Moon time reflects the illumination period in the lunar cycle…the flowering phase of seeds planted during the New moon…it is the creative peak. Moon (emotional self) & Sun (conscious self) oppose each other & we seek to balance out the principles of each.

Transmitter Pluto, associated with electromagnetic field of Scorpio, relates to the elimination of unnecessary factors which impede growth. In order to feel more secure, let go of the past & allow yourself to adapt to the changing times….especially now that  change operates at warp speed. Security-oriented Taurus, on the other hand, is laid-back, patient, conservative & enjoys the comfortable status quo; its nature is to hold on. Mars (co-ruler of Scorpio), the action planet currently in early Virgo, makes a flowing aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, which could help lighten our tight grip on what we call reality (the Scorpio part of us does like to “be in control” & can express obsessively or compulsively). The challenge is to work out the tensions between these two extremes. May the fourth be with you!

Venus, ruler of Taurus, planet of love, beauty, harmony, balance, values & self-worth, is in communicative, changeable Gemini; on May 15th it will turn Retrograde at 24* social Gemini until June 27th when it moves Direct at 7* ” I don’t like being bored” Gemini. Venus expression could mimic that of a flighty butterfly during such a long stretch in this versatile air-sign. Venus will be a spot in front of the Sun around June 5th.

New Pines

A reminder that Uranus at 6*47 Aries is closer to making that exact square to Retrograde Pluto at 9*24 Capricorn; June 24, 2012, both will be at 8*24 in their respective signs. This date is  the first out of 7 exact squares between these two outer planets from 2012-2015. Read article on sidebar for more info.

I will be planting a tree on this Scorpio Full Moon day! Not only for beauty but for privacy…very Taurus-Scorpio, eh?




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