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Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse 5.20.2012 May 7, 2012

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Chester Creek

~Everyone has all the signs & all the planets somewhere in their birthchart~

Sunday, May 20th, 2012: we experience the awesome Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 6:48 pm, CDT. Both Sun & Moon are exactly at 0*21 diverse Gemini, representing the dark & unseen phase of the Moon…our cosmic window is wide open to the subconscious world, focusing us totally within; touching upon ancient intuitive wisdom enabling access to the deep well of archetypal ideas just ready to emerge into consciousness.

New Moons represent new beginnings when our emotional Moon & purposeful Sun are at the same degree of a zodiac sign emphasizing the particular characteristics of that sign . We now need to be both receptive & conscious as we are planting new seeds & awaiting the amazing adventure!

Electromagnetic multifaceted Gemini is the witty, inquisitive, mental air-sign that pertains to observation, inventiveness, versatility, sharing & learning through information & communications, verbal fluency & flexible adaptability…loves the Immediate! Social Gemini needs on-going change, intellectual stimulation & constant variety. “The more unpredictable the message, the more information there is in it.”  However, to quiet the mind may now be easier due to the energy of the Solar Eclipse.

The transmitter associated with Gemini, Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, is currently at 23* earthy Taurus sitting next to expansive Jupiter at 25* stable Taurus. These two spheres ground us during this time  (Gemini can express as high-strung, impatient, restless & inconsistent)… assisting in the transforming process of retaining what is useful/valuable as we sift through the noise bombarding us from within & from out there.

A Solar Eclipse is a cosmic event that occurs during a close &/or exact New Moon when the Moon (the past) is positioned in-between the Earth (the present) & the Sun (the future). The lunar orb blocks out part of the sun’s light of consciousness, flashing us back into the past in order to integrate our emotions & feelings. What an opportunity to process the memories, conditioning & old patterns in order to more freely embrace the future! Hidden insights or unacknowledged achievements may also surface as part of this awakening unless we allow an  incomplete, limited awareness to cloud our perspective between what to let go of & what to keep. Trust yourself.

Let It Flow

While skateboarding down 3rd street with the guys last night, a thought came to me….We do not have a name for our solar system; our galaxy is The Milky Way, so any good ideas?!?  (I wasn’t out there with them, I just wanted to be…but skateboarding through life is enough for now!!

I love your comments…thank you….helps make this worthwhile….



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