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Sagittarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 6.4.2012 June 2, 2012

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The Polarity

~As Above So Below~

Within every cell of our beings we experience a spectacular, powerfully dynamic Full Moon & partial Lunar Eclipse on Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 6:12 am, CDT.

The Moon at 14* enthusiastic, idealistic, intuitive fire-sign Sagittarius is exactly opposite the Sun at 14* communicative, intelligent air-sign Gemini creating a polarization between these two electromagnetic energies; working with the same question from different viewpoints asking for resolution of conflict into unity. Flexible, adaptable Gemini, ruled by androgynous Mercury, is quick, curious & restless, ready to bounce off to the next interesting idea or person. Visionary, adventurous Sagittarius, associated with benevolent, expansive Jupiter, prefers the broader picture, the over-all perspective…the lively Archer, in a search for truth & meaning, looks ahead with optimism, hope & promise, shooting its arrow from one goal to another. (Someone shot or stuck an actual  arrow into my front hillside the other day…I take it as a Sag message to aim high)

My Garden is Calling

The Earth (the present) is close to/or exactly in-between Sun (future) & Moon (past), creating a lunar eclipse situation, as Earth blocks the light of Sol from reaching the moon sphere. This cosmic event presents an opportunity for us to process MORE, yes, more, emotional compost that lingers beneath the surface of our consciousness as we attempt to integrate the new incoming solar Light!

Go With the Flow

Planet Venus (goddess of love, values, beauty & harmony) at 16* changeable, social, clever Gemini is very close to our Sun (will & purpose) & is also in opposition to the Moon (emotions, instincts, receptivity) at this time. Relationships of all kinds are emphasized… relating & communicating…give thought to who & what you value.

Both Sun & Moon are currently making challenging aspects to aggressive, passionate, impatient Mars at 16*analytical, precise, organized Virgo; use the skills without being too egotistical.

Neptune turns retrograde (backward) on June 4th, at 3* Pisces & will turn Direct mid-November 2012. I plan to write a blog specifically about Neptune in its home sign Pisces soon, even though Neptune doesn’t usually follow a timetable…

Double Falls

Venus transits across the front of the Sun ( both at 16* Gemini ) on June 5th; this won’t happen again until 2117. Communicate love, peace, harmony, appreciation & tranquility.

June 4th: rebel Uranus, planet of unpredictability & sudden change, at 7*56 Aries is making an extremely challenging aspect (called a square) to intense Pluto, power transmitter of transformation & regeneration,  at 8*52 Capricorn; on June 24th they will be EXACT with both at 8*24 Aries & Capricorn respectively! read article on sidebar if more info is desired. This will be the 1st of 7 exact squares between these two life-altering planets.

…and who would ever have guessed years ago that a black U.S. president would be putting a Medal of Freedom around Bob Dylan’s neck??  Anything is possible folks!

“Work like you don’t need the money,

Love like you’ve never been hurt before,

Dance like nobody’s watching!”

(words of wisdom seen at fast-food  establishment)



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