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Gemini New Moon 6.19.2012 June 15, 2012

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Many Leaflets Make a Fern

New Moon, Tuesday, June 19th, 2012, 10:02 am, CDT: both Sun (masculine yang) & Moon (feminine yin) are at 28*43 mentally adept Gemini, an inquisitive air-sign of adaptability, diversity & mobility…continually interacting & communicating. This Sun & Moon conjunction is opposite our Galactic Center at 27* Sagittarius (Sag signifies exploration, expansion)…don’t quite know how to interpret, but it undoubtedly has significance considering “As Above So Below”. The GC operates as a cosmic doorway into the unknown. Most of us realize or feel personal & collective energies/frequencies increasing dramatically although we still try to live our lives as we always have. Nervous systems (Mercury & Uranus) are definitely affected and many people are experiencing uncomfortable or unusual symptoms during this accelerated cellular alteration as we continue to evolve.

The New Moon phase initiates a new cycle, plunging into new experiences spontaneously… an opportunity for beginnings, birth of new forms, renewal …things felt or conceived of but as yet unseen,  tapping into intuitive wisdom…so much creative potential! I will meditate for this.

Flowers & Birds Dispel Negative Energy

I like to be in nature to quiet my busy mind…helps me to be in the present, especially as Gemini, associated with energy transmitter Mercury, is speedy, restless & poised for flight at all times. The sign of the Twins is rational, logical, knowledgeable, verbal, intelligent, witty, fluent & articulate but can operate less skillfully as nervous,  inconsistent, noncommittal, indecisive & impatient. Go easy with your words, not to mention thoughts.

We move right into the Summer Solstice on Wednesday, June 20th, 6:09pm, CDT, as the vibrant Sun moves into the first degree of sensitive, emotional, psychic & nurturing Cancer. I plan to meditate for sure. This is a yearly special cosmic event that relates to the peak occurance of light on Earth, an ancient sacred time of power.

Lake Superior

WHAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR >+< June 24th, 2012: two outer planets, Uranus & Pluto, are higher octave transmitters symbolizing urges to develop multidimensional consciousness. Early Sunday morning, June 24th, high frequency, electric Uranus at 8*24 Aries makes an EXACT square (challenge, friction, tension) to the intense, concentrated power & core energy of Pluto at 8*24 Capricorn. I’m definitely meditating for the 24th!

Illuminating Uranus, thee Awakener, radically liberates us in unpredictable, erratic, unexpected, disruptive bolts of sudden change…these surprises keep the universe flexible & decondition us from the status quo. It is the revolutionary planet of freedom, independence, intuitive perceptivity, synchronicity, invention, genius, technology, originality, enlightenment & revelation. Nothing is predictable with Uranus.

Complex Pluto, the Transformer, is the planet of POWER…your power, their power, hidden matters, the subconscious, secrets, the underworld, power struggles, compulsion, obsession, etc. The manifestation of death, destruction, rebirth, metamorphosis, regeneration…the process on all levels of “bringing to the surface” unnecessary factors which impede growth & eliminating them…purging, cleansing, healing, forgiving, letting go…Pluto’s core energy is often mis-used for manipulation, domination or control of others. This potent energy, along with Uranus, relates to the development of soul consciousness. Pluto, esoterically, symbolizes the dual co-existing desire for either  separation or return to the Source; self-empowerment aligned with the willingness to transform is an appropriate channel for intense Pluto…use the dynamic core of power within for self-transformation.

Whew! This is the first of 7 exact squares between these two planets; the next one is September 19th, 2012;   two more take place in 2013, two in 2014 & the last in March of 2015. (see sidebar for more info on Uranus square Pluto.)

A Visionary of Our Tmes

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