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Capricorn Full Moon 7.3.2012 July 1, 2012

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First Day of Summer In Chester Creek

Everyone has all the signs & all the planets somewhere in their birthchart.

“Change is the essential process of all existence.” Spock

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012, 1:53 pm, CDT: the day before USA’s Independence Day we experience a Full Moon with our Lunar orb at 12*14 authoritative Earth-sign Capricorn exactly 180 degrees opposite Sun at 12*14 senstive water-sign Cancer. Both of these signs are security-oriented. We will definitely FEEL the potent energies of this Full Moon; our solar system’s cosmic scenario is one of tremendous forces mirroring what is taking place on Earth.

•The Sun is currently in emotionally-attuned, nurturing, creative, receptive Cancer… no matter what sign our individual Suns are in (calculated by birth data), the electromagnetic field of sustaining, deep feeling & protective Cancer colors our self-awareness, vitality, purpose & will during the current 32 day period. It is possible to apply sensitivity to whoever/whatever we are dealing with. Nourish the self & other sentient beings. Everyone is reacting to the accelerated energies. Giving & receiving warmth & security is highly desirable and needed.

The Moon, in general, is the transmitter traditionally associated with Cancer BUT this current Moon is exactly opposite imaginative Cancer in the field of practical, serious, productive Capricorn. Our erractic emotional natures may feel somewhat restricted, controlled, or limited by structured, disciplined & cautious Capricorn at this time, however we may need some boundaries. This is the peak of the lunar cycle where we are presented with options to integrate the polarity between these two very different electromagnetic frequencies.

The Flood of Emotions

The tension is certainly increased because the Full Moon at 12* Capricorn is sitting right next to intense, cathartic, complicated, transforming, powerful Pluto at 8* Capricorn. Does the irreversible process of birth, death & rebirth sound familiar to you?!  Our emotional selves may be spinning like dirty laundry in a giant washing machine. Responsible, patient Capricorn can help to ground us as we move through another opportunity for transcending ego-centered consciousness. Time to move on! Let’s do it! These stressful planetary aspects call for action in spirit, mind or body.           IDIC… “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”  Star Trek

Calmer Waters

• We are still experiencing our extremely tense mathamatical square aspect of 90* (conflict, tension, power) between the hidden depths of chthonic Pluto & the radical, sudden, unexpected changable Uranus; Both Sun & Moon are also challenging Uranus and Pluto in stressful aspects. This Cancer-Capricorn Full Moon can manifest in difficult navigation of emotional upheavals & shifts of the constantly changing inner/outer environment. I’ve been telling myself to breathe deeply, to not get too attached to any particular outcome, to focus on what is positive & what I want to create more of in my life while being open to the Source (insert your own term here) energy of Love & Light.

Spock’s Garden

The second exact square between transcendental planets, which requires expanded consciousness & harmony with nature, happens on September 19th, 2012, when Uranus is at 6*57 Aries & Pluto is at 6*57 Capricorn. Read blog  on sidebar for additional info.

Many other planets are also playing their part in correlating with our reality…I chose to compress the info shared on this major Full Moon scene due to time/space restrictions.

Here’s to our journey to ” boldly go where no man has gone before.”   Star Trek wisdom…


New Moon & Full Moon blogs posted every month on this site;  I love your comments… Well, sorry I can’t answer.




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