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Cancer New Moon 7.18.2012 July 16, 2012

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2012, at 11:25 pm, CDT: the imaginative, sensitive, nurturing, protective Cancer New Moon could present us with explosive energies due to the accompanying challenging aspects of the trigger action planet Mars with two of the Trans-Saturnian planets, Uranus & Pluto. These two operate as forces of evolutionary change & of the Collective Unconscious as they draw in & process cosmic influences from beyond our Solar System. But first…

A New Moon is a time of new beginnings, although not always noticeable on the surface of things. It’s the Moon phase of conception, new birth, & soon to emerge freshness in some area(s) of life. Thank goddess for that!

With both conscious Sun & unconscious Moon at the exact same degree of 27* creative, water-sign Cancer, we can count on our emotions to be activated even more than usual now…intensely so, considering the above mentioned planetary aspects which I’ll cover in a moment.

Psychic Cancer represents the part of us that says “I feel”;  it’s associated with the changeable Moon which travels through the 12 signs every 2  1/2 days (thus the moodiness)… emphasizing the flowing emotional nature & the predominantly active instinctual behavior. The crab has a hard shell to protect its soft, vulnerable & sensitive insides. Cancer issues of home, family (either of origin or your own idea of family) & security needs are hardwired into the deepest subconscious patterns of us Earthlings. Eventually we learn that our Family is the Human Race itself.

Storm Moving In

On Wednesday, July 18th this strong emotional energy bouncing around is accentuated by the faster-moving self-projection of brave, assertive, warrior Mars at 8*33 Libra (relationships) which makes an exact opposition to the liberating, radical disruptor Uranus at 8*32 Aries possibly resulting in impulsive confrontations. Uranus symbolizes the freedom urge, the unknown, the unexpected & revolution…it suddenly changes the old in order to allow room for the new. Self-directed Mars (natural ruler of Aries) typically does not hold back..this is the transmitter of courage, aggressiveness, conquest, resistance, accomplishment, sexuality, passion & at its most extreme, violence & war. This opposition aspect has a potent capacity to initiate change, assert self to remove restrictive, inhibiting conditions, bringing freedom & independence. Either way, suppressing the Mars energy completely is not healthy. Find a constructive channel for anger if you feel it because we can’t just wish it away. These are very powerful frequencies we’re dealing with now.

The raw energy of Mars is also making a 90* tense, challenging aspect on Tuesday the 17th, to Pluto, god of the Underworld, at 7*47 Capricorn during this Cancer New Moon, although we are feeling the intensity for days before & after. The highly energetic qualities of Mars are tangling with heavy-duty Pluto, transmitter of birth, death & rebirth on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual. Pluto dredges old stuff up from our unconscious. We need to let go of old emotions that are clogging our systems, for instance..self-empowerment is more desirable than power struggles, control issues, manipulation,etc….the past has conditioned us long enough and now its time to move onward & upward.

There are other planetary aspects which may lessen the harsh manifestations of this drama somewhat.  I will focus on peace, harmony, love  & non-resistance.

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Backtracking: July 12: unpredictable, radical Uranus at 8*32  active, assertive Aries turned Retrograde (apparent backward movement) until December 13th, 2012 when it turns Direct at 4*37 Aries. Hard to interpret this but it is a factor.

July 14th: communicator Mercury at 13* fiery, flamboyant Leo turns Retrograde through August 7/8th, 2012 when it turns Direct at 1* Leo. This reverse motion can reflect confusion, delays, & breakdowns in the world of communications, technology & mobility; the routines of daily life are bound to be altered. This may be a good time to review, revise, reconsider, reorganize & rethink…

Holy Coronal Mass Ejections!

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.”    Eckhart Tolle from A NEW EARTH

Stay cool friends…check this site out every month for New Moon & Full Moon blogs!




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