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Aquarius Full Moon 8.1.2012 July 30, 2012

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The Sun is in Leo!

 ~As Above So Below~

Wednesday, August 1, 2012, 10:28 pm, CDT: Our luminous Sun at dynamic, self-confident, proud 10* Leo is exactly 180* opposite our very own Lunar orb at universal, freedom-loving, progressive  10* Aquarius. The radiant Sun is totally at home in the electromagnetic field of fixed, fiery Leo where it’s rays of Light & Warmth (shall we say Hot!?) beam out to Earth brighter & stronger than at any other time of the year… Sun is the Heart & center of our nameless Solar System; astrologically the Sun is exalted in this creative, charismatic, regal, dignified, authoritative sign of natural leadership & organization.

The Full Moon in electric, fixed, airy Aquarius adds power to the humanitarian, innovative, revolutionary, liberal & unconventional application of the Moon’s unpredictable emotional energy. The frequency for intuition is wide-open & with Uranus as transmitter associated with individualistic Aquarius, many surprising feelings &/or responses may be emoted…or manifest brilliantly, originally & unexpectedly with great insight.

The Trees Breathe With Us

The Full Moon calls for an integration of the polarity between these two signs…maintaining a balancing act so one does not outweigh the other; both can be stubborn (fixed)…and we all have these energies active within our birthcharts somewhere. The dramatic Leo part of us, which can be very egocentric at times, needs attention & will get it regardless. Use the childlike Leo ability to laugh & play more. The  inconsistent, erratic Aquarian can become too detached & aloof without knowing it. Both potentially operate with LOVE….activate the power of love, not the love of power. And remember Flower Power; these joyous & generous life forms remind us of our light & heal our space of negative energy!

Mercury is still Retrograde until August 8th…my life has been filled with the simple snafus’ of the backward motion this time around, but undoubtedly the extreme heat/humidity has added to the confusion. Onward folks…..

Go With the Flow

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