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Pisces Full Moon 8.31.2012 August 17, 2012

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~As above so Below~

On the morning of Friday, August 31st, 2012, 8:59 am, CDT, the Full Moon peaks meaning it reaches its most full ? point with the Sun at 8*34 earth-sign Virgo 180 degrees opposite Moon at 8*34 water-sign Pisces. The contrasting opposite principles of disciplined, organized Virgo & mystical, transcendental Pisces need to be respected, balanced & integrated at this time.

Human bodies, like the tides, appear to be affected by the close proximity of Sister Moon, because our Earthly physical vehicles are composed of 75%- 80% water.  The feminine Moon relates to our deepest emotional patterns & needs, habits & psychic capacities, our sensitivity & responsiveness, the past, issues of security, nurturing, home & family. When the Lunar orb is Full it is more powerful.

Neptune…God of the Sea

Sitting next to the Full Moon at 8*34 we have healing Chiron (capacity for wholistic understanding) at 7* imaginative Pisces & dissolving, unifying Neptune  (the energy transmitter associated with this visionary sign) at  1*34 compassionate, idealistic Pisces. The meticulous, efficient, practical Virgo Sun polarizing this trio creates the perfect combo of left-brain qualities supplying the needed objectivity to all that intangible, at times confused, impressionable & vulnerable watery Piscean energy. The skillful, discerning Virgo can assist with carrying out the dream of the new consciousness we humans are moving into on a soul level.

Adventurous, courageous Mars moved into resourceful, intense, mysterious Scorpio on the 23rd of August & will be traveling through this electromagnetic field  until October 7th. Daring, spontaneous, independent, assertive Mars energies express easily & naturally in complex, perceptive, concentrated, passionate, healing, regenerating Scorpio. Direct your energy to the highest good for all & let go of anything else. This is our challenge.

The tense aspect between shock-master Uranus & core-power Pluto is tightening up as they move closer to their second exact square aspect on September 19th, with Uranus at 6*59 Aries making a 90* angle to Pluto at 6*59 Capricorn. Just to remind you, these two outer planets (energy transmitters) are making a total of seven exact “big challenge” squares during 2012 to 2015. Please see sidebar for more info on this. Or read some past blogs that describe it although this cosmic on-going  event represents breaking free from our known world into the unknown.

In the Beginning

I have been staring at this perfect apple all summer, so tempting, so red & rosy, just beyond my reach up high in the tree….I felt like Eve…day after I snapped this it fell!

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