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Virgo New Moon 9.15.2012 September 12, 2012

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Amazing Grace

Saturday, September 15, 2012, 9:10pm, CDT: a New moon with both Sun & Moon at 23*37 discerning Virgo indicates a fresh start, a new beginning in some area of Earthly life. Not only do we have both luminaries in the same electromagnetic field, we also have versatile, logical, rational, communicator Mercury, natural ruler of Virgo, sitting close at 28* Virgo. This much emphasis in a very practical, efficient down-to Earth sign is useful as we wade through the onslaught of outside information, including the variety of frequencies bombarding us.

Be diligent about what you allow into your consciousness. We can’t control most of the energies we’re surrounded by, cosmic or otherwise, but we can discriminate in our choices. Intelligent, objective Virgo operates with clarity, skill, observation, thoroughness, sincerity & precision…deleting what is unnecessary or unwanted. Criticism may surface where there is insecurity. Keep the broader picture in mind.

A large part of the broader picture, that we’re ALL feeling, has to do with the quickly approaching 2nd gripping mathematical aspect (challenge, tension, friction) between shocking, unpredictable, electrical Uranus at 6*54 Aries (breaking up our reality into the unknown, the unfamiliar) and  extreme, intense, regenerative, transforming Pluto at 6*54 Capricorn (death, birth & rebirth ) on September 19th, 2012. This is the 2nd of 7 exact squares (90* angles) between these two evolutionary planetary transmitters which began in June 2012 and end in March 2015. See Uranus Square Pluto on sidebar for more info. 

Just 24 hrs.before the above cathartic aspect, Pluto turns Direct, which accentuates all of the heavy, eruptive, cleansing, purging, deep, hidden, metamorphic, INTENSE energies of this resurrecting planet. In Capricorn representing the structures in our life.

Be Flexible

I seem to need spending time alone lately…as the intensity increases. I am choosing where, what & who to be involved with (of course there are life responsibilities to perform). Lisa Renee’s words “our spiritual identity is attempting to drop the density (of past issues) away from being stored in bodily memory ” correlates with what I’m experiencing. I signed up for this!!

The Autumnal Equinox when the Sun moves into the 1st degree of Libra (in Northern Hemisphere) happens on Saturday, September 22nd at 9:49am, CDT.

The rainbow(s) over Lake Superior at dusk one evening were one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen! The street sign with arrow that says ONE WAY  points to the rainbow & its going up. 10 minutes after I saw this & ran out with camera it was gone…just gray sky & darkness quickly approaching. And what is that disc in the middle?!


Breathe deep & return to the center as you go friends!

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