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Aries Full Moon 9.29.2012 September 29, 2012

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Full Moon Rising-directly above in center

Spectacular Full Moon Saturday evening, September 29th, 2012, at 10:18pm, CDT: the Moon at 7*22 confident Aries is exactly opposite our Sun at 7*22 considerate Libra.

We are also faced with tempering the fiery, emotional, instinctual, enthusiastic energy of the passionate, impulsive, initiating & aggressive 7*22 Aries Full Moon because it is now conjunct (close to the same degree) independent, rebellious Uranus at 6*31 Aries. Talk about sudden changes, the unexpected, the breaking up of the status quo…electrical Uranus is a wild card where radical disruption & surprise, even shock, reigns.

The “self-oriented” Aries Moon is in a polar opposite position to the Libra Sun, symbolic of cooperation, diplomacy, compromise, relating & partnership-oriented ..the sign of the “Other”. We benefit from balancing both energies within ourselves & out in the world. Make decisions & practice restraint when needed.


That might be trickier than usual, however, with high-voltage, unpredictable Uranus at 6*31 Aries sitting right next to this Aries Full Moon. This conjunction adds a whole lot of  jolts, quick shifts, illumination & liberation to the scene… strongly affecting our nervous systems, while expanding our intuitional sense. Don’t forget when the Full Moon is conjunct Uranus, the Sun is exactly opposite both Moon & Uranus.

Not only are evolving Uranus & metamorphic Pluto still closely squaring (challenging aspect) each other, we also have the Aries Full Moon AND the Libran Sun making tense square aspects to powerful, cathartic Pluto at 6*59 Capricorn. Yes…the intensity & underlying stress we all feel is increasing!  Quite  a complex situation! A 3D illustration would be so much easier….


I can’t easily explain this situation because Uranus & Pluto deal with the unknown & the mysterious. So I don’t know what will happen…who does?!? I’m learning to coast along the bumpy road ( in increments cuz I’m a slow learner in this life-changing drama) & accept what is…living in the Present is my best bet. My body is buzzing with high Uranian frequencies, electricity, strange vibrations…my mind is struggling to keep up but the old way doesn’t work for me anymore. I’m literally purging & releasing old emotions & energies that are no longer needed in my Plutonian transformation process. My ego doesn’t like it one bit!

Be Good to Yourself

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