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Taurus Full Moon 10.29.2012 October 25, 2012

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The Wheel of Life

“Everyone has all the signs and all the planets somewhere in their birthchart.”

Two days before Halloween we are bathed in the Full Moon of Taurus. On Monday, October 29th, 2012, 2:49pm, CDT, our Moon in practical, earthy Taurus 6*48 is exactly opposite our Sun in 6*48 powerful, water-sign Scorpio. This opportunity of illumination is the peak point of the 8 phase Moon cycle every month (actually every 29 days thus we really have 13 Full Moons per year). The New Moon symbolizes the planted seed, and the Full phase represents the flowering….birth, decay & death…over & over in our world.

The Sun in passionate, intense, introspective Scorpio 180* opposite Moon in artistic, reliable, conservative, sensual Taurus both emphasize the fixed quality which concentrates & stabilizes energy…very determined, enduring & preserving. Nothing here is good or bad, but being overly fixed may result in rigidity, stubbornness & resistance to change. Both signs are very creative.

Base of Great Wheel in Seattle

Complex Scorpio, associated with Pluto, is where transformation takes place; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, but particularly psychological; it pertains to the deepest & often darkest unconscious energy within. Facing this part of oneself & shedding light upon shadow areas is necessary for optimum well-being as we evolve. Productive, trustworthy Taurus, natural home of Venus, goddess of love, beauty, aesthetics & values, can be quite happy & content with the status quo if currently comfortable; Taurus, the Builder & accumulator, generally likes to see & touch their possessions (can include people). However it may take a lot to jar the Bull out of its comfy space, literally & figuratively, because it represents emotional security. This Full Moon, like any other, expresses extremes & contrasts between two signs that need to be balanced & integrated in order to express the energies wisely. Taurus symbolizes stability, Scorpio manifests in fortitude.

Skyscrapers: Pluto in Capricorn Structures

Serious Saturn at 3* resourceful Scorpio is now conjunct the Sun at 6*48 Scorpio forming a powerful alliance opposite Moon which adds structure & concreteness to the mix.…when I first saw Saturn through a telescope I was in AWE of the reality & exquisite beauty of this ringed planet..”Old Father Time” is one image for this concentrated energy transmitter; “The Teacher” is another. We can use the discipline & organizational skills of Saturn to fulfill our responsibilities & purposefulness as life experiences help us to mature. Don’t let Saturnian worry, depression & fear take hold when its boundaries, delays, restrictions, frustrations & limitations occur. Caution, prudence, restraint, patience & time will serve us well.

There are more planetary aspects during this Full Moon; we don’t have room to look at each one individually. Definitely it’s an opportunity for major healing. I am practicing acceptance (of self too) & non-judgementalness (of self too) every chance I get…Seattle was overflowing with people to practice on…eye-opening! Heart opening….

Alley Wall in Seattle…My Halloween Portion

Mercury, planet of communications, or how we take in information, compute it & share it, will be turning retrograde (apparent backward motion) at 4* Sagittarius on Election Day, November 6th, 2012. What does this mean? I don’t know how this will play out on our national stage…we’ll see.

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