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Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse 11.13.2012 November 11, 2012

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Chill is in the Air

~As Above So Below~

Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 4:09 pm, CST: we are experiencing a New Moon representing conception, new birth/ the seeding cycle of new beginnings, with both Sun (conscious self) & Moon (unconscious self) at 21*57 transforming, healing Scorpio. The potency & power is greatly emphasized as this cosmic event is also a Solar Eclipse, involving the blockage of light with the Moon aligning exactly in-between the Sun & Earth.

The electromagnetic field of Scorpio is associated with planetary transmitter Pluto, mythological God of the Underworld, defining the dynamic core power of life. Pluto symbolizes birth, death, destruction, breaking down, upheaval, elimination, purging, catharsis, cleansing, rebirth, creation, renewal, reform, building up, revitalization, metamorphosis; it symbolizes the most powerful & compulsive energy. This power undirected can be misused or abused; or it can be directed toward personal transformation & regeneration as you empower yourself by fusing with greater forces than one’s ego. Pluto represents coexisting dual desires: either the separative ego or the return to the Source. Yes, it is heavy stuff. Think I’ll go listen to some Leonard Cohen….

This one is a Total Solar Eclipse, visible on the Northeast coast of Australia. Here is my simplistic, homemade illustration of the basic concept…computer experts & perfectionists avert your eyes!!

Solar Eclipse Basics

The Moon (the past) absorbs all available solar power. Earth (the present or current reality) receives only 2nd hand impetus toward the future (Sun) growth via what we need to deal within our deep, dark places; complex conditioning & memory-dominated material such as nurturing & security issues/problems, feelings/deeply ingrained automatic responses, unconscious behavior, habits, old patterns, moods, etc. (all Moon territory).

Previously hidden emotional ‘wounds’ are surfacing now (perfect timing) in order to be revealed, healed & let go! Solar Eclipses often bring unexpected opportunities or upsetting situations…prepare for surprises, insights will enlighten, vitality could be affected…try to create space for self…don’t cloud your awareness with any gunk or your perspective may be limited. Reread the last blog on Taurus/Scorpio…we are ridding ourselves of the past in order to more freely embrace the future! Step by step…


Passionate, sensitive Scorpio is definitely in the spotlight; not only are Sun & Moon in magnetic Scorpio, but also responsible, disciplined Saturn at 4*40 & North Node at 26* of that mysterious sign. Retrograde Mercury, symbolizing the rational mind & communications, will be backtracking into Scorpio (early Nov. 14th) and will turn Direct on Nov. 26th at 18* Scorpio. If you don’t understand the specifics here, not to worry…just pointing out the energetic concentration of extreme Scorpio intensity & self-empowerment available to all of us.

 I know I’m sounding repetitive but we are still experiencing the constant simmering between Uranus in Aries & Pluto in Capricorn although we wait until May 21st, 2013, before they reach their 3rd exact challenging square contact at 11* (degrees) in their respective signs. New readers could check out “Uranus Square Pluto” on sidebar for more info.


Nelson Mandela, who had been in prison for 27 years, said he operated from an open heart, not a place of fear.

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