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Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 11.28.2012 November 26, 2012

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~As Above So Below~

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012, 8:46 am, CST: We have a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse experience with our radiating Sun at 6*47 optimistic Sagittarius exactly opposite responsive Moon at 6*47 diverse Gemini. A Full Moon represents a period of illumination within the Moon cycle. We are filled with enormous creativity, as we bring inner images into actual form & give birth to ourselves, then give it away, share it & inspire others.

The day before, on Tuesday, Nov. 27th, assertive, warrior Mars is conjunct (same degree) cathartic, transforming Pluto at 8* structured Capricorn. This very powerful potently destructive &/or potentially revitalizing planetary duo is also grating against  the original, illuminating & unpredictable Uranus in a stressful, tense, dynamic 90* square aspect. Expect the unexpected. Many innovative, liberating ideas could take form. Mercury also turned Direct on Mon. Nov.26th.

Join the Cloud

The Lunar Eclipse, (visible best in Alaska, Hawaii, Australia & East Asia)  usually occurs twice a year during Full Moons; the participants line up in a row with Earth exactly in-between Sun & Moon. (I’ll spare you my hand-done illustration)  It is a high-frequency cosmic doorway; the Sun symbolizes the future, Earth the present & Moon represents the past.

Enthusiastic, philosophical, truth-seeking, intuitive Sagittarius Sun & curious, versatile, communicative, logical Gemini Moon are at the exact same degree of the zodiac (6*47) but in opposing signs. They work with the same questions/issues of the polarity but from two different viewpoints asking for a resolution of conflict into unity. We may be exploring some raw emotional depths now &/or become suddenly aware of things previously out of sight or mind. Ground yourself, listen, listen, listen & speak with care, create some space to process if possible during these warp-speed times. (It will continue to accelerate)

The Magic Moment

Our emotional nature portrayed by the sensitive Moon at 6*47 is expanded by idealistic, benevolent, abundant Jupiter sitting next to it at 11*54 Gemini. Any emotion or feeling is definitely magnified & most likely articulated. This Full Moon also aspects many other transmitters which call for flexibility, consideration, maturity, wisdom, patience, & heart-centered LOVE ; Uranus, Chiron & Neptune, Saturn & Venus, & Mars conjunct Pluto. The effects of the eclipse reverberate throughout time/space in unknown measurements. Ah…the mysterious of life!

Both alert, knowledgeable Gemini & adventurous, out-spoken Sagittarius are mutable signs; in other words they are flexible, able to effectively integrate the outer world with the inner space by adapting energies to changing conditions. This adaptable capability adjusts in order to harmonize, connecting & contacting whoever, whenever & whatever is needed. Over-emphasis of mutability results in too much vacillating & restlessness. An  individual could potentially suffer from excess worry/nervous exhaustion. The extreme opposite, the immutable (inflexible) person, could be likened to ” the rigid tree that is toppled by a strong gale”.  Avoid dissipating your vital force during this dynamic alignment. (I write these statements so I can read them again to remind myself.)

Giant Spruce fell across 3rd St.

Had to put this photo in after I came across the phrase above….just happened on Thanksgiving night during the mini-blizzard…A strong gale for sure!…hmmm…..stay strong, stay cool!

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