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Capricorn New Moon 1.11.2013 January 9, 2013

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Ships on Lake Superior

Ships on Lake Superior

~As Above So Below~

Friday, January 11th, 2013, we experience our first New Moon of the whole new year! Definitely an opportunity of new beginnings..new birth. And everyone is experiencing this somewhere in the map of their birthchart .

Both Sun (conscious self) & Moon (unconscious self) are at 21*46 efficient, industrious, ambitious Capricorn along with Messenger of the Gods speedy Mercury close by at 17*42 serious & yet humorous Capricorn adding a dose of  practical communication, aiding us in using our logic, intelligence & rational mind to begin something new & fresh. Its time to take responsibility in creating a new phase of existence…release habitual patterns (in thought & deed) & let old concerns/belief give way in your process of self-transformation.

Structures Along the Horizon

Structures Along the Horizon

Complex, cathartic, power planet Pluto at 9*42 Capricorn & faster-moving sociable, harmonizing, affectionate Venus at 3* Capricorn emphasize this earthy, organized, authoritative, realistic, disciplined, cautious energy which enables patient & deliberate navigation of the mountain peaks in order to reach one’s goals. Five planets (I’m including the Sun & Moon) are moving within this electromagnetic field now.

Saturn is the key transmitter connected with this sign; Saturn, associated with aging, wisdom & the passage of Time, is the teacher, teaching us through restriction, limitation, delay, depression, fear… which are all part of  the process of learning what we need to learn to break out of periodic crystallization…not fun but a natural part of life which we usually struggle through unless things become very extreme.

Saturn is currently at 10* intense, self-contained, determined, deeply emotional Scorpio & this week has been challenged by feisty, courageous, assertive Mars in progressive, independent Aquarius saying GO when Saturn says Stop…very trying, but not long lasting.



It’s always at this time of year when I turn to my Reggae music…it helps me mentally, emotionally, spiritually (see “Marley” movie..out in 2012) & physically due to DANCING & LAUGHING!!!  Bob Marley was an Aquarian by the way.

On Sunday, Feb. 10th I will be giving an astrological talk for the service, 11am, at the Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church, 1414 East 9th St. in Duluth. Subject: the upcoming Uranus at 11*14 Aries square Pluto at 11*14 Capricorn on May 21st, 2013.

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