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Aquarius New Moon 2.10.2013 February 7, 2013

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Ice Cold

Ice Cold

~Everyone has every sign & every planet somewhere in their birthchart~

Early Sunday, February 10, 2013, 1:20 am, CST: The Yin Moon is exactly conjunct the Yang Sun at 21*43 high-frequency, unconventional  Aquarius. Both the receptive, responsive, fluctuating, instinctive Moon & the vital Sun of life-force & purpose are beginning another New Moon creative venture, this time in the social, altruistic, independent, progressive & revolutionary sign of detached Aquarius. A fresh start is at hand. Allow the spirit of  inventive, innovative, original, intuitive, tolerant & humane energy to pour out into the universe. Be a friend.

 Unpredictable, electrifying Uranus is the transmitter associated with this airy, intellectual, futuristic sign.  Shock-master Uranus is the radical disruptor that can change life instantly…without warning, in a flash!  (the extreme storm, strong winds, tornado & earthquake crowd…) operating unexpectedly, breaking us free from the known, familiar, status quo conditions. This high voltage sphere is full of surprises, often catching us off guard.

On the other hand, a Uranian lightning bolt... represents the intuitive genius within & can manifest as an illuminator, awakening us to new growth in understanding, development or being. Pay special attention to your intuition. Mine has been working overtime!

Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Compassionate, sensitive, artistic, musical & imaginative Pisces is very active during this New Moon; the cosmic solvent Neptune is at 2* mystical Pisces (Neptune’s home sign) with active, eager-to-start-something Mars close by at 6* dreamy, romantic Pisces… sitting next to rational, left-brain Mercury at 7* in nebulous, transcendental Pisces with Chiron (the wounded healer) at 8* ethereal Pisces. WOW! Send your purchase orders out to the universe…

This stellium of planets in the oceanic tides of vulnerable, impressionable Pisces may have to deal with escapism & illusion, delusion, maybe even deception… keep one’s feet on the ground. We are experiencing multiple planetary aspects that are helping the unity cause; finding constructive outlets for right-brain activity as well as left-brain during this conception phase takes self-discipline & commitment…some boundaries are useful! Practice discernment. Spaciness & confusion may be rampant. Whatever you focus upon is what you will create more of in your life. (I keep telling myself).


Happy Valentine’s Day!!  My favorite Aquarian holiday…” All the world needs now is Love sweet Love”…

•Saturn in Scorpio turns Retrograde  Feb.18th through early July 2013

•Mercury in Pisces moves Retrograde Feb. 23rd through March 17th

Double click on photos to enlarge them. Its fun!

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