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Virgo Full Moon 2.25.2013 February 18, 2013

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Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach

~Everyone has all the signs & planets somewhere in their birthchart~

Monday, February 25, 2013, 2:26 pm, CST: the emotional Moon at 7*24 disciplined, efficient Virgo is exactly opposite our conscious Sun at 7*24 impressionable, visionary Pisces during this blossoming Full Moon phase of the lunar cycle. Keep in mind that rational-biased Virgo is not known for being very emotional & Pisces represents the gentle, receptive, feeling part of us.

Joining the Sun at 7* Pisces is Chiron (healing) on one side at 9*, Mars (action) 18* & Mercury retrograde (intellect) 19* Pisces with Neptune (ruler of this sign) on the other side at 3* Pisces. Emphasis of this much dreamwork & idealism needs the realistic qualities of the meticulous Virgo in order to commit to the useful manifestation of being of service to humanity in a creative multitude of ways, large & small…both important.

It's Almost March

It’s Almost March

 Virgo & Pisces are very different energies… earthy Virgo is detailed, precise, organized, more left-brain oriented, verbal, analytical, also practical, discerning & technical, sees where the work needs to be done & does it; whereas watery Pisces is more right-brain oriented… intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, imaginative, dreamy, mystical & psychic.

Their key planets, Mercury (Virgo) & Neptune (Pisces),  definitely embody opposite types of transmitting energies. Neptune symbolizes the great ocean of life; no boundaries, no walls…its the flowing stream of consciousness which subtly merges into the intangible, formless, ethereal realms (like fog). At times Pisces may manifest as unrealistic, vague, confused, ungrounded, hypersensitive & delusional. Surrendering to the feeling of belonging to something greater than the self is the desirable evolutionary pathway of this most mysterious, universal, transcendental, idealist sign.

Lake Siberia, I mean Lake Superior

Lake Siberia, I mean…Lake Superior

Mercury turns Retrograde (apparent backward movement) on Saturday, Feb. 23rd at 19*52 Pisces until March 18th when it once again moves Direct at 5*39 Pisces & continues on it forward path. The communication process seems to possibly operate differently than usual during this period as in mistakes, confusion, miscommunication, delays, etc. In fact, finishing this blog was not easy…the Pisces part of me kept wanting to wander off …& I changed everything at the last minute… but here it is!  Adios!

“Having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting; it is not logical but it is often true.”  Star Trek

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