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Pisces New Moon 3.11.2013 March 3, 2013

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All the Pisces you ever wanted and more!

During this New Moon, Monday, March 11th, 2013, 2:51 pm, CDT, there are 7 transmitters in sensitive, compassionate Pisces at once! The New Moon symbolizes a point of conception, a new beginning of some sort. Great meditating power on this day for sure! Be open to non-logical types of intelligence.

We have enthusiastic, assertive Mars at 29*39 Pisces (out of 30 total degrees), Sun & Moon both exactly at 21*24 Pisces, harmony-seeking Venus 17* Pisces, Wounded Healer Chiron 10* Pisces, logical Mercury Retrograde 7*31 Pisces & unifying, idealistic Neptune (key planet for this sign) at 3*32 empathetic Pisces. This is the sign of the dreamer, the artist, musician, actor, dancer, writer; the imaginative, the  idealist, the visionary, the mystic, the clairvoyant… feelings & inner consciousness predominate. Intuitive Pisces is immersed into the Wholeness of impersonal Love & represents a receptive, gentle, intangible energy based on a deep level/source of inspiration that does not always fit with our outer material world.

Nebulous Neptune, mythological God of the Sea, is connected to adaptable, water-sign Pisces.  The boundless immensity of large bodies of water (including Lake Superior) are a perfect symbol. Each drop is part of the wave, each wave part of the collective whole. No separation.

Diamonds Beneath the Bridge

Diamonds Beneath the Bridge

Impressionable Pisces is not only tuned into the cosmic consciousness of universality & unconditional love; it is possible that the imagination can work overtime & lapse into anxiety, worry, fear…or plunge into escapism, delusion, illusion, self-deception, addiction… confused & chaotic. Neptune can bind us unless we stop pushing or resisting…frantic efforts can block one’s good. There is value in letting go, giving up… surrender & consciously facilitate the cosmic influence of transcendence. Time to release accumulated emotional/mental baggage.

The Spring Equinox is March 20th, 2013, 6:01 am, CDT; this is the exact time where the Sun of consciousness moves into the very first degree of Aries.  Adventurous, risk-taking Aries, the number one sign, can easily begin things. Powerful new energies are released. Forward, action!
Mars (ruler of Aries) moves into its home sign & will be on the same 7-8* Aries as Uranus on March 22nd, both then  making a tense aspect to Pluto.  Could be explosive or super-energetic. Follow your intuition.

Cosmo-one of my teachers

Long ago I had a large vibrant pink t-shirt printed up with the words “SURRENDER DOROTHY” on it & I actually wore it (in public) over leggings a few times! That’s my Aquarian Sun mixed in with my Moon conjunct Neptune!
Do your Neptune fantasies, ideals & beliefs manifest creatively or through fear?
Chester Creek

Chester Creek

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