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Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 4.25.2013 April 23, 2013

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Uranian-Plutonian Icicles

Uranian-Plutonian Icicles

~Everyone has all the signs & all the planets somewhere in their birthchart.~

Scorpio Full Moon & partial Lunar Eclipse, Thursday, April 25, 2013, 2:58 pm: our magnificent SUN at 5*46 stable, productive Taurus is exactly opposite the MOON at 5*46 powerful, passionate, intense Scorpio. This phase of the 8-part Moon cycle symbolizes the flowering of the seed…the peak of light & illumination…the vision carried forth.

Any Lunar Eclipse brings with it a tremendous influx of energy… we are upgrading our frequencies. The fact is that this one in magnetic, mysterious, extremist Scorpio (associated with destructive/revitalizing Pluto) reveals more potential complications in the innermost core of our being. Pluto dives into the depths of our unconscious, eliminating the obsolete, the outdated, the stagnation & decaying parts of self (or the material world). Of course our ego DOES NOT want to let go & will fight hard for its domination.

The Storm Begins

The Storm Begins

An Eclipse symbolizes a doorway into the unknown; Earth (representing the present) is now sitting in-between the Sun (future) & the Moon (past), temporarily blocking Sun’s light of consciousness from the emotional, responsive Moon; our emotions will be potently raw as old stuff surfaces…make space for the unexpected if you can. Issues of the past need to be cleared out in order to be better prepared for the on-going accelerating transformations. Try not to be overwhelmed. Balance with the aesthetic Taurus calmness…earthy, reliable, steadfast, patient, consistent, practical & productive.

Sometimes I have a sense like there is a loose, hungry tiger stalking prey around my neighborhood, ready to pounce out from behind a corner at any moment. Only my continuing alignment with the Creative Source alleviates my undercurrent of fear & stress.

Even Icicles are Changing

Even Icicles are Changing

For those more astrologically active: During this Full Moon courageous, aggressive, warrior Mars at 4* is next to the 5*46 Taurus Sun & both are in opposition to cautious, structured, responsible Saturn that sits at 8* next to the 5*46 Scorpio Moon…Mars says “Go”, Saturn says “Stop”; at the end of April & the first two days of May these planets are in exact opposition, perhaps manifesting in frustration.

Keep in mind that underlying the Lunar Eclipse, as part of a greater planetary cycle, is the increasing strength & intensity of the struggle between 2 forces at cross purposes, the Uranus-Pluto square at 11*14 Aries/Capricorn, exact on May 20/21. (See sidebar for more info under Uranus square Pluto)

Within the next 4 weeks we will be experiencing 2 more eclipses.

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