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Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse 5.9.2013 May 6, 2013

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Mother Nature

Mother Nature

We experience an Earthy Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Thursday evening, May 9th, 2013, at 7:28 pm, CDT. Sun & Moon sit together at 19*31 sensual, practical, possessive & artistic Taurus along with assertive Mars at 14* Taurus, South Node (path of least resistance) at 16* Taurus &  communicator Mercury at 17* Taurus. Wow!

A whole lot of grounded, steady, calm & productive Earthiness may be just what we need…the stability of character & purpose, resourcefulness, patient perseverance, enduring affection & friendship & the healing touch of superabundant vitality sounds good… the seeds germinate underground during the New Moon phase of new beginnings, and if you choose, can potentially manifest these qualities wherever you go.

Taurus is the natural home of Venus, goddess of love, pleasure, values, beauty, harmony & self-worth; attracting whatever our 5 senses desire…as it operates in the tangible, material world. This fixed sign gravitates toward physical comfort at times challenging the need for change… letting go of the status quo & a familiar lifestyle could be very difficult. Symbolized by the Bull, the determined, thorough, loyal, dependable, sensible & stubborn Taurus can get things accomplished. However the same Bull can also become very enraged when provoked. And super stubborn.


The North Node (new direction) at 16* in-depth, powerhouse Scorpio is opposing our stellium (Sun, Moon, Mercury, South Node & Mars) in Taurus. Scorpio is a fixed, emotional water sign & describes intensity, iron will & determination, passion, courage, psychic-accurate observation, reserve & self-control. Use this power for self-empowerment, rather than trying to control situations or others.

A Solar Eclipse is a cosmic event that occurs during a close &/or exact New Moon when the Moon (the past) is positioned in-between the Earth (the present) & the Sun (the future). The lunar orb blocks out part of the sun’s light of consciousness, flashing us back into the past in order to integrate our emotions & feelings; an opportunity to process the memories, conditioning & old patterns in order to more freely embrace the future.  Hidden insights or unacknowledged achievements may also surface as part of this awakening unless we allow an  incomplete, limited awareness to cloud our perspective between what to let go of & what to keep. Trust yourself.

Venusian Moss

Venusian Moss

Monday, May 20th, 2013, our solar orb moves into airy, high-gear, communicative Gemini; THIS IS THEE DAY of the 3rd exact square (90 degree angle) between URANUS at 11*15 Aries and PLUTO at 11*15 Capricorn. We’ve lived through two of these Uranus-Pluto exact squares in 2012, & will have four more, finishing up in 2015. The world as we know it will change whether we like it or not…in some ways healthier & life-affirming, some ways more destructively. I choose what is for my highest good (or my best effort), empowering myself by fusing with forces greater than my own ego.

On Friday, May 24th, there is a Sagittarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse…more on that in the next blog.

~Each time we expand higher in awareness, we go deeper into the subconscious to rework conflicts & karmic blocks…

and the battle for balance continues~ 

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