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Capricorn Full Moon 6.23.2013 June 21, 2013

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Last Year

Exceeded My Expectations

Early Sunday, June 23, 2013, 6:33 am, CDT: two days after the Summer Solstice (when the Sun moved into the first degree of the electromagnetic field of Cancer), we have the realistic Capricorn Full Moon with Sun at 2* nurturing, imaginative Cancer exactly opposite Moon at 2* organized, disciplined Capricorn. An opposition is a polarity of two very different planetary energies; outer events stimulate their interaction & integration is the challenge. It is our opportunity to balance out the sensitive, emotional Cancer part of us with the responsible, cautious, practical Capricorn part, especially for those who have these signs emphasized in their birthchart.

The Stars

The Stars

The responsive, feminine, right brain Moon of feelings is the natural ruler of home-base, security conscious, protective Cancer, so this is an interesting paradox as it’s now in it’s opposite sign during the Moon phase of opposition. Does that make sense?! Well, its cosmicsense.

Expansive, enthusiastic, idealistic Jupiter is currently very close (conjunct) to our receptive Cancer Sun adding to the changeable, instinctive, intuitive qualities. Faith, hope , good will & trust support us in our quickly accelerated life better than overindulgence & exaggerated excess.



Underlying this Full Moon energy are two powerful, dynamic planetary configurations; first an optimistic, helpful, flowing Grand Trine (120* angle) involving Sun at 2* Cancer, Neptune at 5* Pisces & Saturn at 5* Scorpio, all in water signs– kindred spirits…much potential.

We also are in the midst of  the on-going stressful square aspect (90* angle) between sudden, radical, unpredictable Uranus at 12*17 adventurous, forward-moving Aries and cleansing, transforming, cathartic Pluto at 10*30 controlled, structured Capricorn. We experienced our 3rd exact square between these two on May 21st, 2013 & will live through a total of seven exact squares from 2012 to 2015. See sidebar on Uranus Square Pluto for more. The tension is felt…

Pink is for Love

Pink is for Love

All photos above were from previous summer…I’m still planting…almost done…enjoy Mother Nature! Thank you for your comments..I appreciate them.

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