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Cancer New Moon 7.8.2013 July 7, 2013

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~As Above So Below~

Early Monday morning, July 8, 2013, 2:15 am, CDT: We may wonder where we belong on planet Earth during this Cancer New Moon. Where are we comfortable? Are we feeling secure, safe, nurtured…who is our family? What do we call home? Our conscious Sun & unconscious Moon are both exactly 16*18 sensitive water-sign Cancer emphasizing vulnerable emotions; our reactions/responses to others & the environment (visible or invisible) is our prime focus. Psychic, receptive Cancer planets operate instinctively “from the gut”…the moodiness of the Moon in its own sign can be problematic sometimes because it is very strong…take a moment before you speak, write, send thoughts & consider what is for the highest good of all. (message to self…I have 2 transmitters in Cancer)

++New Moons symbolize New Beginnings++

Communicator Mercury (data operator) at 18* Cancer is right next to Sun & New Moon. How we think & reason, how we express ourselves to others will definitely be connected to our feelings & lunar imagination. This conjunction of three orbs are opposite transforming Pluto at 10* Capricorn; light is shed on the inner, hidden depths of our unconscious & old material may be surfacing to be released & healed.

Two is Better Than One

Two is Better Than One

There are many other astrological factors occurring at this time, including the next approaching, ever-potent progressive, rebellious Uranus in action-oriented, aggressive Aries square (challenging aspect) complex, intense Pluto in organized, cautious Capricorn; They will be exactly 90 degrees* to each other again on Oct.31/Nov.1st, 2013. Check out details on sidebar…Uranus square Pluto.

Due to holidays (and gardening) this blog is short & concise. Just remember, water flows-let it go..

My Heart to Yours

My Heart to Yours

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