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Aquarius Full Moon 7.22.2013 July 22, 2013

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This is my Idea of Heaven

This is my Idea of Heaven

Everyone has every sign & every planet somewhere in their birthchart.

~As Above So Below~

Monday, July 22, 2013, 1:17 pm, CDT: Aquarius Full Moon with Sun in the 1st degree of radiant Leo 180* opposite Moon in the 1st degree of brilliant Aquarius! I feel the electricity in the air and also in my heart. The full moon phase is the peak of the lunar cycle…a time of illumination & flowering. Although the emotional, instinctive, receptive Full Moon in original, independent, friendly, mentally-oriented Aquarius may think more about feelings rather than deeply feeling them, a balance is always desirable in integrating the two opposite electromagnetic energy fields within us.

The exalted Sun of consciousness is very powerful in enthusiastic, creative, dramatic, fiery Leo, its home sign. Leo is heart centered & has potential to be a charismatic Lover of life as long as the desire for the love of power becomes the power of love.



During this Full Moon both Sun in Leo & Moon in Aquarius are in a challenging aspect to serious, restrictive Saturn (the Teacher) in early, transforming, mysterious, complex Scorpio. All three signs can be very stubborn; however use the wisdom, patience & self-discipline of Saturn to aid you in times of stress with qualities of endurance, caution, responsibility & focus. Beware of letting fears & worry escalate to the point of unhealthiness. This is another primetime healing opportunity….onward to wholeness!


Concentrated Saturn in cathartic Scorpio is harmoniously aspecting intangibile Neptune in unifying Pisces & also the conjunction of expansive Jupiter with courageous Mars in nurturing Cancer; forming a flowing Grand Trine in all the sensitive, psychic, imaginative & emotional water signs. The Grand Trine symbolizes a cosmic design which offers help to alleviate the increasing intensity we all experience.

Speaking of intensity, Uranus at 9*25 Aries will be exactly square Pluto at 9*25 Capricorn (see sidebar) for the for the 4th time Oct. 31st/Nov. 1st.

The Aquarian symbol looks like waves but they are electrical air waves.

The Aquarian symbol looks like waves but they are electrical air waves.

I still had to run down to Lake Superior to absorb the WAVES!!! Photos do not do them justice but I like to share anyway…imagine the sounds of gigantic waves crashing onto the rocks high into the air!   perfect.

Check THIS site out every month for New Moon & Full Moon blogs & think about getting a chart update. I am retiring from my retirement job July 31st & will have lots of energy for astrology. Adios!




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