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Aquarius Full Moon 8.20.13 August 18, 2013

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Thunder God

Thunder God

~As Above So below~

Full Moon on Tuesday evening:  we are immersed in an intuitive, freedom-loving Aquarius Full Moon on August 20, 2013, 8:45pm, CDT with Sun (consciousness) at 28* fiery Leo exactly opposite Moon (the unconscious) at 28* airy Aquarius. This regular cyclical exact opposition between the two Lights, which occurs sometimes 13 x a year, is part of that grander design of the Cosmos, offering us major opportunities to continue to evolve, becoming more of who we truly are. I prefer the term “Beings of Light”.

Notice that this is the 2nd Aquarius Full Moon this summer; we had one in early Aquarius (0*06) in July.



Mercury our speedy planet of the rational, logical, communicative mind, at 24* Leo, is very close to our Sun now. Neptune, the universal cosmic solvent, at mystical, sensitive 4* Pisces sits right next to the Full Moon at the end of Aquarius, adding its deep source of the spiritual, psychic, creative inspiration & imagination. This nebulous transmitter always expresses through the feeling nature & symbolizes the desire to reunite with something greater than the self. On the other hand, the God of the Sea also represents illusion, deception, drugs & confusion. Music, dance, art & photography are my favorite Neptunian expressions.

Our Sun represents the the will, vitality & center of Self; it is most powerful & dynamic in self-confident, radiant, courageous Leo. We all have Leo somewhere in our natal birthchart, even if we aren’t actually Leo’s (those born at the time the transiting Sun is traveling through the electromagnetic field of Leo).

Be Like a Cloud & Rise Above It

Be Like a Cloud & Rise Above It

Intuitive Uranus, the transmitter of sudden change, disruption & revolutionary vision, is naturally associated with progressive, rebellious, spontaneous Aquarius; liberating Uranus, which is very unpredictable (like an earthquake, tornado, extreme winds or a strike of lightning) operates along unexpected lines & blows apart our status quo reality. You could say we are getting a message from the Cosmos that things are stagnant & need to change…. either personally & definitely collectively.

During the Full Moon erratic Uranus is challenged by a 90* angle from expansive Jupiter at 12* emotional Cancer. Jupiter’s concepts of right/wrong, justice, ethics, morality, faith, positivism, optimism, abundance, growth, increase & exaggeration can remind us not to overdo anything…Nothing In Excess is a worthy phrase to pay attention to.

Jupiter in Cancer is also now opposing Pluto in Capricorn creating polarization. Outer events stimulate this interaction & integration of both forces is important. At the same time Uranus is in that stressful square aspect with Pluto (will be exact in a bit over 2 months….Oct 31/ Nov 1st). Compromising Libra holds the key; cooperative, tactful, diplomatic, impartial, considerate, while seeking harmony, beauty & balance & relating to others.

My Church

My Church

“Neutralize negativity by staying positive & enthusiastic about the potential for conscious transformation.”


This may be the right time for a birthchart consultation or an update if you’ve already had one done. Contact me via email or phone.

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