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Virgo New Moon 9.5.2013 September 4, 2013

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Park Point

Park Point

~As Above So Below~

We encounter an earthy, practical Virgo New Moon early Thursday morning: Our Sun (will, purpose, the conscious self) & Moon (emotional patterns & needs, sensitivity & responsiveness) are both at 13* skillful, conscientious Virgo on September 5th, 2013, at 6:36 AM, CDT.

This New Moon brings in fresh energy available for efficient functioning; use this highly developed mentality in a grounded, sincere & observant manner as you spontaneously & instinctively plunge into new experiences. Pay attention to the details but don’t be too analytical or critical of self or others which can block the flow.



Rational, versatile, communicative Mercury, home planet of Virgo, is also in discerning, precise, organized & technical Virgo at 23*30. 

The harmonious trine aspect between the Sun/Moon duo & cathartic Pluto at 9* Capricorn facilitates the expression of the Virgo path of clarity & wholeness in ways that are life-transforming, healing & revitalizing. Profound changes for growth & evolution are possible now in the area of self-refinement. Facing the shadow parts of self requires time apart to analyze experiences & reactions.

Earth Abstract

Earth Abstract

We still have the ever increasing intensity building up, mirrored by other planetary aspects. Taking good care of the body & mind makes it easier in the long run. Staying in touch with our deeper emotions & instinctual nature curbs the exaggerated Virgo trait of becoming too orderly & efficient, and exhibiting unhealthy compulsions. Allow your intuitive perceptions to guide you. Onward folks!



I dedicate this blog to our little cat friend, Ka-na-da, who at 19 yrs. made her transition to the other world.

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