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Pisces Full Moon 9.19.2013 September 18, 2013

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North Shore on Lake Superior

North Shore on Lake Superior on a Misty Day

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces Thursday early morning: On September 19th, 2013 at 6:13 AM, CDT, we observe & feel a beautiful, emotion-filled Moon at 26*41 sensitive, psychic Pisces exactly opposite our glowing Sun at 26*41 rational, earthy, discerning Virgo.

Integrating the impressionable, boundless, & unifying energy of mystical, empathic Pisces with that of the focused, efficient, skillful, disciplined & practical Virgo is the challenge here. This Sun can be useful in giving clarity & form to the Moon’s ethereal, visionary nature.

The Red Cliffs

The Red Cliffs

Full Moons are the peak phase of bloom, creation & light in the continuing 8-phase Lunar cycle as we spiral forever onward through the Cosmos. Each one we experience is another opportunity for growth & evolution.

Water Earth

Water Earth

The instinctual Pisces Moon operates in a dreamy, imaginative, compassionate manner. Universal Neptune, at 3* Pisces, is the planet associated with this electromagnetic field. Dance, music, theatre & the arts are filled with flowing Piscean energy, as well as healing, blending, merging & communing with the Greater Whole/Spirit…whatever term you choose. No boundaries are known…and some souls get lost.

Adaptable Mercury at 16* Libra, is the rational planet of intellect & communications, naturally associated with Virgo. Merc can take care of all the details & share the ideas with others, including the info that now appears intuitively, due to other planetary aspects.

Earth Water

Earth Water

Potent Pluto turns Direct Sept. 20th: the apparent backward movement of Pluto ends & it proceeds to move forward at 8*59 ambitious, strategic Capricorn. This can indicate some heavy-duty, powerful scenarios dealing with letting go, forgiving, transforming, regeneration on any level. Power struggles (even with self) & intense confrontations are also a stronger than usual possibility for a couple of intense days.

The Autumnal Equinox begins on Sunday, Sept. 22nd, at 3:44Pm, CDT. This is the cosmic marker when the Sun enters the first degree of the electromagnetic field of Libra. Light & Dark are in balance & the Dark is gaining during this half of the cycle. Libra has to do with relationships, the “we” instead of the Aries “me”, alliances, partnerships & “the other”.

At Sea

At Sea

This was farther out on the big lake right before the 4-6 ft. waves approached the tour boat…it was exhilarating, fun & a tad scary…I loved it but photos were then impossible & we rode through them for 45 minutes.

The October 4th New Moon is at 12* Libra at 7:30pm, CDT, and the next Mercury Retrograde is on Oct. 21st at 18* Scorpio. I will be taking a break  & will NOT be publishing that particular blog….enjoy Autumn!

E. Tolle says, “The modalities of awakened doing are acceptance, enjoyment & enthusiasm. Each one represents a certain vibrational frequency of consciousness”…” that may change during the course of a day….”.   Ok then…..


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