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Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 10.18.2013 October 16, 2013

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Good Morning

Good Morning

Nature grounds me, calms me & heals me

Friday evening, October 18, 2013, 6:38 pm, CDT: The Moon is exactly full at 25*45 innovative, active, independent Aries opposite our Sun at 25*45 cooperative, social, diplomatic Libra. The Moon (Yin energy) relates to the instinctive & emotional response nature, and the Sun (Yang energy) signifies a more conscious energy of will, vitality & purpose.

During a Lunar Eclipse the Sun, Earth & Moon astronomically line up into a straight row. The Moon loses its reflected light from the Sun as the Earth passes directly between them.  A regular Full Moon is powerful enough but when also part of a Lunar Eclipse configuration we experience an increase in the dynamic frequencies of the participating electromagnetic fields. This acts as a cosmic regulator that maintains balance on Earth. Each eclipse is activated somewhere in the map of everyone’s natal birthchart.  It shows where change is necessary, often reflecting a crisis to call our attention to a situation….especially now during these quickly changing, faster paced, accelerated times.

Tettegouche State Park

Tettegouche State Park




Assertive, adventurous, daring, masculine Mars is the home planet of direct, enthusiastic, courageous, pioneering Aries.  Feminine Venus, transmitter of love, peace, beauty & harmony, is naturally associated with artistic, compromising, partner-oriented Libra (& Taurus). This emphasis of the two “me” & “we” signs symbolize actively following one’s own desire nature while also considering others. Don’t let the Aries energy turn too selfish, impatient, careless or rashly aggressive. Watch so the Libran factor doesn’t lapse into indecision, over-dependency, idleness & passivity.  The art of balancing these opposing qualities is the key during this Lunar Eclipse…either on a personal level or collectively.

Information & mobility expert, tiny, speedy, techno Mercury at 18* Scorpio, turns Retrograde on Monday, Oct. 21st at 5:29 am, CDT through November 10th. This apparent backward movement does not really cause things to happen but it seems like a popular time for possible machine break-downs, miscommunications, delays, etc. We could use this period to reflect upon & reconsider past issues or communications. (Note: if you have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart, it operates in a different way, not like the above description.)

The Sun moves into Scorpio at 1:10 am, CDT, on October 23rd.

View down Pine St. to Seattle's Pike Place Market

View down Pine St. to Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Two different worlds!!! I love living by Lake Superior!   You can enlarge photo by clicking on it & see Market sign down by water!

I will mention that the stressful, challenging aspect between Uranus (the radical disruptor) & Pluto (death & rebirth, transformation) is getting closer to the 4th exact 90 degree square which manifests on Oct. 31st/ Nov.1st, 2013. We  are experiencing this in all areas of Earth existence. We have had 3 of 7 of these exact squares already & will have 3 more after this one; these particular cosmic events last from 2012 to 2015. (See Uranus square Pluto article on sidebar for more info. Remember these planets & signs are SYMBOLS which represent a multitude of meanings.) Nothing is written in stone.

The sudden, unexpected changes that free us from our familiar world or the status quo of life, from the known into the unknown, is due to liberating, potent, unpredictable Uranus at 9*25 fearless, competitive, forceful, independent Aries (the warrior, the initiator) clashing with powerful, destructive, regenerative Pluto at 9*25 structured, material, hierarchical, authoritative Capricorn…(the builder, the achiever) patiently reaching  each practical goal. Every thought, word & deed is important.

Washington Trees

Washington Trees

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