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Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse 11.3.2013 October 31, 2013

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Autumn in Chester Park

Autumn in Chester Park

~As Above So Below~

YES! YES! YES!  Let’s have an amazing transformative time during this introspective, INTENSE Scorpio New Moon & Solar Eclipse! The New Moon phase is exact early on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013, at 6:50 am, CST; both Sun & Moon at 11*16 resourceful, determined, passionate Scorpio.

Complex Scorpio is all about transformation on every level.. death & regeneration…physical, emotional, mental, psychological & spiritual. It is a fixed water sign. The quality of being fixed can range from sustainment, preservation & stability to stubbornness & resistance to change. The water element refers to the feeling principle; with attributes of nurturance, the mysterious, the hidden, the unconscious, deep emotions, sensitivities & the psychic realms. We all have this energy somewhere in our chart, but some have much emphasis upon it, such as the Sun, ascendant, Moon, 8th house planets or any transmitters in the Scorpio electromagnetic field.

Be Open

Be Open

Warrior Mars was the early ruler of Scorpio until cathartic Pluto was discovered. (I still consider it a planet). Pluto definitely plays a major role in our current Cosmic scene as it represents those elements which have not yet been integrated into our collective consciousness. As the God of the Underworld, many pitfalls lurk here; obsession-compulsion, jealousy, hatred, abuse, domination of others, manipulation, taboo areas, power-hungary, violence…you get the idea.

The awesome power & magic of regenerative Scorpio comes with the achievement of self-mastery. Constantly giving birth to the self; purging, cleansing, forgiving (of self too), healing, revitalizing & renewal… allowing transformation on a deep level will naturally facilitate the healing gifts which can then help others.

Of course adding to the intensity of life we’re right on the heels of quick-change Uranus at 9*25 fiery Aries squaring (challenging) Pluto at 9*25 pragmatic Capricorn; they are exactly 90* from each other on Nov. 1st. We experience the ramifications for quite a while & we have 3 more exact squares between these two dynamic spheres through to March 2015. See sidebar for more.

Water Flows

Water Flows

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, not yet visible or even consciously known, as in the germinating of the seed beneath the ground. This is the cyclical phase of creation & new birth. The manifestation of a new self being born fits the Scorpio vision energy of transformation. The magnificent vitality of the Eagle is one of the symbols of perceptive, magnetic, reserved Scorpio. The Moon is right in-between the Earth & our Sun now during this Solar Eclipse. We are clearing up some old issues, etc. in order to more freely embrace the future.

This particular Cosmic situation has so much potential because of the multitude of aspects to Saturn, Moon, Sun, North Node & Mercury, which are all sitting closely together in a powerful Scorpio stellium. (group of planets very close to the same degree). We came to Earth to go through these changes & we can do it!

Mercury turns Direct on Sunday, Nov. 10th, 3:12pm, CST. Hopefully the external reality confusion & mistakes will be decreasing.

The present moment may not always be an easy place to be but what else do we really have? I’m done with holding on…I’m just going to flow~~~

Sand Bluffs

Sand Bluffs

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