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Taurus Full Moon 11.17.2013 November 15, 2013

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Congdon Park

Congdon Park

“Astrology only correlates to reality-it does not cause it”       J Wolf Green                                                                                            

Sunday, November 17th, 2013, 9:15am, CST: the Moon is Full at 25*26 earthy, dependable, practical, patient & sensual Taurus & is exactly opposite the powerful Sun at 25*26 mysterious, magnetic, emotional, sexual, water-sign Scorpio. Most of us are aware that energies are stronger & more emotionally loaded during the cyclical Full phase of our lunar orb. Taurus holds on & accumulates; Scorpio lets go & eliminates. The stable Taurus part of us needs to be resourceful & productive whereas the complex Scorpio in us has a need for deep involvements & intense transformation.

Both signs are fixed which represents stored power persistent, very powerful, persevering, consistent, determined Taurus & Scorpio energy are perfect to build & establish a state of unity & continuity toward whatever goals, ideals or core idea we want to focus on especially at this Full Moon time.

Earth & Water

Earth & Water

Strong Solar winds from our massive Sun will be bombarding us on the 17th according to SpaceWeather.com… they have been quite active since the last two eclipses; and also with the potent, stressful Uranus/Pluto square (Nov.1st) we definitely have had our share of intense, disruptive weather, winds, storms, extremes, temperature shifts, etc.

As home planet Earth changes so it is with our bodies & brains which are being rewired as we’re moving out of the narrow linear 3D reality. Many other sources regularly speak to this collective transformation & I believe it.

Before the Freeze

Before the Freeze

The Love goddess Venus (associated with grounded, sensible, security-conscious, artistic Taurus) is currently at 11* Capricorn… it has been sitting close to the in-depth, complex, heavy-duty Pluto at 9*49 Capricorn for about a week. Giving & receiving affection could be  detached & reserved in practical, disciplined Capricorn but alongside Pluto it will be more passionate, extreme, intense & possibly obsessive.

Adding more stress, Venus, as well as Pluto, makes a very challenging aspect to unpredictable, radical, sudden-change, freedom loving Uranus at 9* spontaneous Aries. Choose words wisely…hugs are better than daggers on various levels. Who & what do you value? Many other planetary aspects mirror the ease & experience of loving, sharing, cooperating & healing.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius Thursday, Nov. 21st, 9:48pm, CST. 

Flow like Water Around those Rocks

Flow like Water Around those Rocks

Know the current astrological facts!

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