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Gemini Full Moon 12.17.2013 December 11, 2013

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Cosmo Contemplating the Weather

Cosmo Contemplating the Weather

~Everyone has all the signs & all the planets somewhere in their birthchart~

Tuesday, early morning 3:28 am, CST, December 17, 2013… the LAST month of 2013! We’ll experience a doozy of a Gemini Full Moon. The Sun (conscious energy) at 25*36 adventurous, forward-moving, visionary, optimistic Sagittarius is exactly opposite Moon (instinctual energy) at 25*36 rational, inquisitive, here-and-now, mentally oriented Gemini, just a week before the holidays of Christmas & Kwanzaa.

The combination of expressive, communicative, adaptable, versatile, curious, diverse Gemini (more mental than emotional) Moon opposing expansive, idealistic, hopeful, benevolent, outspoken, truth-seeking, tolerant & fiery Sagittarius  Sun requires both to work together integrating a purposeful focusing of skills & talents in order to create what we want/need in our lives & on our planet.

Trees at Farmer's Market

Trees at Farmer’s Market

The polarity between two opposing signs during the Full Moon always brings a bit of excitement, but this one is loaded with tension.  Courageous, action-oriented, impulsive, passionate MARS is currently at 5* social Libra, the sign of relationship & the urge to create & maintain harmony/balance, which needs constant adjustment as life moves along. Mars is self-involved & Libra is partnership-oriented.

Aggressive Mars makes two stressful aspects to both powerful, unpredictable, liberating, disruptive Uranus & concentrated, intense, purging Pluto (•who are still in a strong, challenging alignment each other) during this Full Moon. Could be troublesome. I am going to practice  patience, especially before I speak, & listen more. If it’s not  -30 below I may go out snowshoeing (with another-Libra) to burn off some of that Mars grrr..age.

Forty Below

Forty Below

The Warrior, MARS, also forms an uncomfortable aspect to visionary, compassionate & spiritual or delusional, deceptive, escapist Neptune…so all three outer planets are involved with this Full Moon! Uranus, Neptune & Pluto definitely affect the masses; these 3 universal transmitters pertain to the collective unconscious realms. They symbolize urges toward development which are related to soul consciousness, rather than personal consciousness. However Mars (what I desire) operates on a very personal level….so be forewarned.

 On the Full Moon day…Electrical, rebellious Uranus, the shock-jock, turns Direct at 8* active, fearless, spontaneous Aries on Dec. 17th, 2013, at 11:39am. We can expect the unexpected. Our nervous systems may be highly frazzled for a few days. Do what you can to de-stress & help create a loving, calm atmosphere.


Winter Solstice: Saturday, December 21, 2013, 11:11am (hmm..) CST: The first day of Winter occurs when our solar sphere moves into the very 1st degree of Capricorn (there are 30 degrees in each of the 12 electromagnetic fields). More light! Hooray! Later in the day the harmonizing planet of love, beauty & values…Venus, turns Retrograde (backward) at 29* Capricorn through Jan. 31, 2014. It will present an opportunity to go over past relationship issues, who & what we value…another chance to work things out.

These planetary dynamics will skate right into the holiday season & we are all in it together…Love & Peace! Happy Solstice!

 Check out this site every month for New Moon & Full Moon blogs; my contact information is at the top under About Leta.




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