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Capricorn New Moon 1.1.2014 December 30, 2013

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

~Astrology only correlates to reality, it does not cause it~

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014, at 5:14am, CST: what a dynamic, potentially disruptive & perhaps over-whelming New Moon!! Something new is to be revealed & it could be YOU.

Due to transforming Pluto’s prominent placement on the first day of January, we have an awakening opportunity now to release more of the toxic dredges from our deep, hidden, unseen, invisible core of self…to bring on death of the old, clearing out, cathartic purging, regeneration & renewal. You are the only one who has the ability to carry out this rebirth process. Behavior, feelings or thoughts that are negative, destructive, manipulative, controlling or vindictive will delay new birth… I will take one step at a time…self-empowerment!

Cedars & Water Below
            Cedars & Water Below                                                                                
Sun (conscious self) & Moon (instinctual self) are both now at 10*57 ambitious, disciplined, conscientious & patient Capricorn. This New Moon is part of a powerful stellium of planets in efficient, reliable, organized, responsible Capricorn beginning with metamorphic Pluto  at 11* Capricorn, sitting right in-between the luminary duo & communicator Mercury at 12*51 Capricorn with Venus near the end of this earthy, material sign. Everyone will be experiencing this strong electromagnetic energy in some area of their life which is shown on the birth chart.
The Sun, Moon, Pluto & Mercury conjunction (close to the same degree) form one piece of the challenging mathematical aspects to courageous Mars, to expansive Jupiter & to electrical, unpredictable Uranus during this intense New Moon. These alignments are called a Cardinal Grand Cross which indicates major stress, tension & growth potential through integration of balancing opposing urges & productivity through focusing of energy. For example, instead of being impatient, dissatisfied, overcommitted & forceful one could choose to be selectively active, direct & purposeful.
Chester Park Trail

Chester Park Trail

The goddess Venus, retrograde at 26*43 Capricorn, is the energy transmitter of relationships, love, values, peace, harmony & balance of self & with others. Venus alone is NOT making any major aspect to other planets. However, the very passionate drive & assertive initiative of Mars currently at 11*52 social, artistic, other-oriented Libra (natural home base of Venus), definitely brings all manner of relating & creating balance to the center stage of life.

Serious, concentrating, restrictive Saturn, the transmitter associated with Capricorn, as “the Teacher” helps us to reach goals & patiently deal with limitations. Saturn is in resourceful Scorpio (from 2012-2015)  currently at 20* & is still in a flowing aspect with retrograde Jupiter at 16* Cancer… emphasizing a space in time to let go of fears & continue our amazing dedicated work in transforming ourselves.

I like to remember the Four Agreements by Toltec shaman don M. Ruiz…

• Be Impeccable with Your Word

•Don’t Take Anything Personally

•Don’t Make Assumptions

•Always Do Your best


Tune into this frequency every New Moon & Full Moon each month & Happy New Year!   Is it time for a personal birthchart reading, update or gift?  click on About Leta at the top of blog…




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